Monday, Afternoon, Happy.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Today is a happy day...Dad drove me to school after such a long time. =)
And the lessons were quite okay...I finally finished my NAPFA during PE and I got Gold. Lol.
My okay, but my weight....
Curse you metabolism, for forcing my mass to hover at 50kg.
And...more enjoyable songs on my CD player. (Basically they were all the same...cept' that they've become much nicer to listen to.)
And so on and so forth...and then school ended.
Then had more chicken rice opposite. (i have a feud with chicken.)
Then looked thru' the powerpoint and pointed out some stuff here and there.
It's ridiculously amusing why should be blocked. By the school. Oh well.
Then walked home with a friend while drinking bubble tea on the way. Strawberry Green Milk Tea is always the best.
And this friend told me some stuff about the sisters...and sand...and stuff...(I shan't reveal anything, the Net isn't safe.), and I got 'interrogated' as well.
After a bit of talking I realised that hey, quite a few guys I know of are scared to confess to girls.
I mean...I know my past confessions were stewpeed and all but at least I tried...and besides, I'd rather suffer a quick stab in the face than suffer for eternity...(Not that i don't like suffering anyways...)
But seriously, if you wanna go for it, go for it. It's nothing's perfectly normal. Well maybe the stab in the face is painful beats having to get crushed by your thoughts.
Oh past is heartbreaking enough. (^^)
So for now, I'll just sit back and enjoy being a lonewolf.(Unless anyone wants to officially change this sentence, which I think won't come anytime soon. Heh.)
So to the friend, good luck.
And to the f***tard who enjoys ruining other peoples' life with his/her disgustingly big mouth, enjoy your being crushed in fantasies.
So here ends my blog for today. No jerks were harmed during the publishing of this blog. =)

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Tiring

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today was mostly spent on trying to get a new blogskin for my blog.
Thanks to ViTing's link yesterday, I finally found a nice blogskin with the theme of Final Fantasy X.(Influence...I know...)
Then after a tonne of constructive 'suggestions' from Dominique and Jia Hao, I finally modified the blog until it's so-so(I just can't find a really nice picture of Squall Leonhart, sorry.)
And so...the blogskin might have little changes here and there from now on. Yea.
Then...DeterminAZN finally leveled to 52 today, yay! Haha.
Actually it's not such a big deal, as I've been stuck at 51 for such a long time.
Oh well...8 more levels to go with 3 million in bank.
It'll be a hard time...20m is quite a big number.
Oh well...enough of that.
Then...had a good time chatting with the guildmates...they kept logging in and out and we were like...'yo', 'yo' and more 'yo'(wait...most went 'hiehie' or 'hiiiiiiiieeeee!')
And some of them added me on MSN. more people to talk with! Huzzah!
Then watched a few videos on Youtube again...
The GFs in FF VIII are pretty cool.
Eden FTW!
Gack, haven't thought of how to write for my story yet!
Oh well...I'm always this lazy anyways.
And...I'm tired from all the picture-searching.
Now I'm gonna do some homework. *Ends blog*

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, Fairly Pleasant

Saturday, July 29, 2006

So basically I spent my whole day mapling and crapping around with some friends in Maple.
What seemed to be some simple mental sums turned out to be a battle of 'Who has more knowledge'.
And so..ya. Just bombarding them with what I expect as general information.
And somebody got a headache because of me. Haha.
Then...the usual pin-drop silence in the guild chat channel, which I find nice.
So I just continued with my money making...gotten a 60% scroll for wand for magic ATT yesterday and sold it today for 1.3m. 17m to go!
And after such a long time I finally decided to sell the solid horns I collected, cause 100 each is considered alot.
Then before I did this blog, I went for an adventure with one of my guildmates and I thought my abilities won't allow me to die...but guess what?
Some aggro fighter had to start whacking a Bain and he indirectly 'fired' a fireball right into my face! am I gonna explain to Qi bin this time...*sigh*
Oh least DeterminAZN is doing fine in terms of money raising.
Ok, my lame blog about mapling today is done.
Tomorrow, I shall start re-doing the Powerpoint.

Let it Rain.

Friday, Night, Tiring.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I happily received the CDs from Louis.
I went home with the rain making me recall somebody.
I reached home, feeling fresh after a bath and installed Diablo II.
And guess what? The usual bad luck!
Something had to happen when I expect something good to happen. Oh well.
'Play disk'? What 'Play disk'? I don't have any 'Play Disk' you electronic retard!
Heck. I kinda knew that things wouldn't go as well anyway.
Then fooled around the Net stewpeedly trying to find a cure so that I can enjoy a very good game, but nope.
So to anyone who reads this, I wish I can get a cure for this soon.
So...played here and there.More training at PuyoPopFever, abit of fun at Diablo, a heap of yeti corpses at Maple, and a couple of good videos at Youtube.
Bottomline, I'm just plain tired vainly finding for a solution for the 'Play disk' thing.
Oh well...sometimes things don't work out as well as you expected.
But at least it's an enjoyable day, though MSN is a total talked, well, except for one.
*Yawn*...Oh well, I'll just go fool around somemore. Tomorrow shall be a nice day.

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Evening, Rainy-Wonderful

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I skipped a day! Lol.
Oh heck.Yesterday was just The shuttle re-run and I just got 9.73 secs.
Yup. 9.73. But heck.
And captain's ball was fun, although I'm poor at jumping.!
It's a wonderful day...
I get to listen to music...and understand most stuff that the teachers taught.
Ammonia is wonderfully pleasant to smell...? Haha.
Yea...that always happens when you leave the mouth of the beaker OPEN.
And...what...had a slack CI and then followed Jia hao and Geng An to the coffee shop.
Then ate something and went home.
Then ate pokka noodles since I get nauseous at the sight of pumpkins. Oh it's phobia!
Now...I'm sitting here typing and listening to the crazy beat of 'System of a down'.
Never thought there's so much depth in a noisy song =). a tagboard and chucked some links in.
It's at the bottom. The links I mean.
It looks awkward...I know.
I'm done.
Tomorrow shall be marvellous.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Wonderful

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nothing interesting about school today...just the lessons and remedial.
And the part of my leg at the bandage was getting really itchy before remedial even started.
The itch did go away during the remedial since I was doing something, but once it's all over, the itch came back, more intense than before.
So I went to buy a few packets of M&Ms to curb the itch and it did work until I reached home and opened the door.
I just...went to quickly put down my bag and undo the bandage, as the itch can basically kill me.
Mum came back, and I said that my leg's skin is getting bitten by bacteria, but in the end it's just poor circulation to the piece of skin and the heat gathering at the bandage...silly me.
But I bathed before Mum came back, which considerably 'washed off' the itch.
Then sis came back and it's dinnertime.
I don't know what's the name of the rice used for the porridge, but Mum said it was good for the legs. Oh well.
I was totally engrossed by the song 'The Yellow Submarine' by Beatles. lol
Two of my friends are having their birthdays soon and I was chatting with them to find out how I can make their birthdays happy.
So...I'm booked for next Friday for one friend who is not free during her birthday.
The other one, I still got to confirm.
And played abit of PuyoPopFever, me(Carbuncle) against AI(Popoi).
Really good games...but Carbuncle is the best character to basically I still suck at it. Oh well.
Those who want the pics, I'll give you the link when I'm online.
And the day shall end with 'Cascada - Everytime We Touch'. Thanks Geng An, it was a pretty catchy techno.
Hope my leg heals by tomorrow...really wanna play for PE.

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Fine

Monday, July 24, 2006

First, I didn't know today was NAPFA, but I brought my attire anyway, as I thought there is PE today. What luck.
Wait, no, no luck at all.
School ended and it's half an hour to the 5 items, and I was getting all warmed up and ready to go.
Then it was around 2.50pm when we went to the hall.
So nervous, so happy, so excited at how I would outperform myself this time.
So yea...went for the first station : the shuttle run.
I already had a bad hunch when I saw quite a few of my classmates slipping here and there...I guess my timing would really suck.
And yea, it was my turn.
'1, 2, go!' I shall show Mr. Tan how 'expert' I am.
I ran like I always do, but when I reached the part where I had to turn, something bad happened.
I slipped.
My weight went to my left leg.
'Cccccrack!'(It was, in fact, 4-5 'crack's chained together)
I am disabled. Haha joking.
I had a little trouble walking, but the pain was bearable.
I mean, cmon, it's just sharp pains at the hip and knee joints.
It's a warm feeling you get when people come over and ask how you're doing.
And to the one or two reading this, I'm fine now.
But expect to see something awkward tomorrow.Haha.
Right. Signing off.

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Pleasant.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I woke up at 10 despite the tiredness and had an okay breakfast.
Watched a show and realised how amusing some mothers are.
Then went to goof around on my comp and watched abit of GSD as well.
Went on to maple abit and the connection was lagging quite badly.
Basically it was just a plain boring day.
And...what, played PuyoPopFever until I got a headache from all the thinking and frustration? Haha.
And now, I'm sitting on my bed doing this first post of my going-to-be-silly blog, as well as thinking over what some friend said to me.
And yea, I'll think it over.
After such a long time...yea, I still hate my 2.4 timing.
11min44sec is just plain lousy.
Think I should start composing a story with a few of my subsequent posts.
That is, if I'm actually bothered to do it.
Today's a nice day, although few people from msn cared to talk to me.
Tomorrow should be okay, as long as I think it will be. ends my first post, and yea, don't bother about my MSN space anymore.

Let it Rain.



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