Tuesday, Morning, Artistic.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

10 days since I posted! I must have been a really lazy guy.

So anyway! What have I been doing during the past 10 days...hmm...

Oh...the sexuality education where all they say is almost all I know. About AIDS and stuffs.
I didn't mind the lower sec students getting to play since we still have our 'O' level Chinese.
Well...I hate to say this but...studies still comes first anyway, that is if you wana live in this up society.
So...oh, I went to borrow this book called 'Sun Zi's Art of war' three days ago.
I didn't get a single thing in Chinese, so i had to refer to the english side instead.
And it was really interesting.


Fine I'll tell what I have been doing all the time for this 10 days (not just these 10 days anyway).
I have been continuously fantasizing about me and someone else.
I can't help it. This has been my 7th year of fantasizing.
I really can't help it. Call me a pervert if you want, but no. I'm not fantaizing about what you think.
I KNOW what you guys are thinking, like what 'j00 4r3 t3h s3ck5'. I KNOW.
But it is for me to know and for you guys to NEVER find out, even my future-wife-to-be if I'm not henpecked.
Well...I'll never know if I'm henpecked until I get married, would I?
Oh what am I talking about...

Anyways, I just came back from school after the fun session about the Remainder and Factor theorem. And Zell went on crack right in my face after we left the school.
There's something wrong with him, I knew it!
What the is wrong with you, Zell?
Nevermind. Oh and Popiah didn't come. I don't know why.
Bought Van Houten's chocolate and savoured them one by one by one.
When I got home it was finished, all by me, except for one, which I gave to my sis for being a student who is going for the End-of-year NOW!
Good luck sis, you're gonna need it.
And to you guys, here is your blog. Happy fantasizing.

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, Fun

Saturday, October 21, 2006

'Terence's 10 things to do when he's bored'

1. On com.
2. On MSN.
3. Start chatting with the usual few people.
4. Internet Explorer.
5. Play games.
6. Go back on MSN.
7. Start chatting again.
8. Internet Explorer.
9. Rants about his boredom.
10. On the com again.

Let it Rain.

Friday, Afternoon, Ruined.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm doing this blog as I think I've pissed someone off.
Like, why put words into my mouth when I'm not siding that particular teacher?
Like, how the fuck do you expect me to side with that teacher when I don't even know how she marked you?
And...what...I talk like I'm someone good? You don't know me, do you?
Oh, that's not the point.
If you don't wanna know why you got such low marks, fine. Just don't start venting your anger on me. I got emotions after all. (No I don't feel human)
I'm just trying to let you have a peace of mind, and not get all pissed over that teacher. If you really wanna know why you get so low when she marked your paper, BLOODY ask! Don't start ranting and getting yourself upset over something that could be easily avoided.
'Someone who's good', eh? I don't even know myself for fuck's sake. Maybe I striked a nerve somewhere within the conversation, but I'm plainly helping as a friend. If you don't want my words, just say you don't. Don't just fire the gun right smack in my face and run away from it all.
I'm not trying to sound biased, and you're biased yourself, aren't you? Liking this teacher because you're gonna get good grades from her and disliking the other because of reason I don't even know.
You ain't gonna get anywhere if you don't find the reason behind it all.
You made my day, _________.
You're not the cheerful person I know anymore.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, *Yawn*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So today, I went into the classroom (Finally), chatted with friends (Finally), and took a piece of paper from the whiteboard. (Finally! I'm back!)


Sexuality education. With Mr. Neo. Erm...okay...what I expected (or rather, what IS expected) was just some stupid talk again about what...sex and stuff. Well, I was pretty much right. What...the roller coaster thingy...the abortion thingy....and the discussions thingy...it's all in my head a long time ago. I know the consequences, I know where the danger lies, I...no I don't know anything. Passion cannot be curbed.

Well...sure...I DO wish to go steady...I know what are the risks and all...but...hey...I do have my own limits too. I don't just...take off my pants and start acting like the animals in Discovery Channel. Really. I have my own principles and I know what I'm doin~ Kay' I sound like a desperado listing down all the reasons why I SHOULD have a steady. An exposition. Yes....erm...no.

Heck. Enough of sex. Now to Higher Mother Tongue. Since I have this beloved 'O's for Chinese on the 30th, we get lessons! Yay! But...Ms.Sim only gave us the answers for the EOY HMT paper which wasn't given back yet. So...copied a little, skipped a little, and defiantly stayed awake despite fatigue. Then had SEM later. Level up, level down. Lol. We were like lost kittens trying to find Mother Cat which is JUST NEARBY!!! ROFL!!

After that. Opposite. Had chicken rice and Strawberry Green Milk Tea. Then walked with Geng An and Zell to Yio Chu Kang while Geng talked about FFX. Then played a little of Time Crisis 2 and Project Justice. PJ was simply fun. But I suck at killing people. I'm more into doing fancy moves. Lol.

Then went home and did a little practicng of punches and fall recovery. Half an hour for that and I was already feeling giddy from all the rollings and the continuous double kicks. Oh well. Then played a little of Pokemon Emerald and Rakion.

Met this new friend while playing a Golem War today. At first we were just joking with each other. Then felt that we click quite well and decided to makes friends with her (ShortyWiz). In the end? I forgot her email address (I have dustmites for brains) and was panicking while searching the Net for possible clues until...okay...I found her blog...but WHERE IS THE ADDRESS?!? Nvm, she added me in the end. Haha.

Hi new friend! (Guess I'll be going into Rakion often from now on...)

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fantastic.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday! A foggy scenery, a yawning me, and...a numb hand.
Sorry hand, I slept ON you.
So...today...The four things I did on my com was to play PokemonEmerald, play Rakion (So fun!), use MSN messenger, and finally, playing MSN games with my 'mei' (Not the anderson 'mei', the anderson-to-be 'mei'? I don't know it isn't confirmed yet.).

Emerald. I went to catch a Marill and evolved it. I even called it AzN since it was a male and it evolves to Azumarill and all. It has some pretty wicked attacks like Bubblebeam and Rollout, which intensifies in damage as successive hits are being dished out. Then...what...Shining Numel! My pride and joy! Beige and blue and shining all over, I can't believe I own one cause' it's so rare. 1 in 8000+ chances. Wow.

MSN (Rakion put last). Went in to chat with a few people...then played Rakion...then MSN again...then Rakion-ed again...then when I got back to MSN my 'mei' got me to play 'Bejeweled' and 'Hexic'. It's been a long time since I played that game. Then Zell came and gave me this website. Final Fantasy VIII's Ultimecia battle with low-level characters. It was so-so. But I like the Omega weapon fight better. Like, I see Zell pulling out Dolphin Mash, cool!

Rakion! I've been having alot of fun with NoNam[e] the Blacksmith lately. Now I'm so into axe throwing that the hammer rusted T_T. Nvm. So...a few golem wars in the morning followed by a solo deathmatch...a disappointing golem war in the afternoon...then a really fun solo deathmatch where I keep owning random people when my axe hits them. Then at night, it was so funny...

noobieisme challenged me to a 1v1. Fine, I accepted. Then when I was close to dying...on comes a gang of fighting warriors and blacksmiths which left me lying on my 'puddle of blood'.

Eh_Why kept killing me while I was happily throwing axes at the warring individuals. Then when he won the deathmatch...

NoNam[e] : eh whywhywhywhy????
Eh_Why : lol

Then it was about erm...my 83 kill when I said something like...

NoNam[e] : An axe a day keeps the doctor away. Come come!

Yea. I don't even need to wait for them to come. My axe GOES to them! Oh, there was also this very funny mage who projects his ice not at me but at the air. So I threw axes at him...1,2,3! Die! I was so amused by that stupid guy.

Then...I killed a total of 115 in around 7 matches and I bade farewell...to the still fighting individuals.

Then I went to do this blog.
Now who made my day...hmm...oh...err...
Eh_Why made my day!


-2 days to school!-

Let it Rain.

Friday, Morning, Refreshed

Friday, October 13, 2006

Alas...a morning post!
It's another boring day...well...yea...boring day.
But at least I can sleep like a pig and not get disturbed while I carry out my duties as a reputable pig. (Reputable?!? I wonder. Fine. I'm erm...notorious for being a swordman wannabe. Ah.)
So...how many hours did I sleep today? 9.
Cause' I mapled abit until 1am after I've finished watching the animes.
Geng...wherever you are please come online soon cause' I'm bored stiff.
He must be playing SwordOfMana.
Heck, it's an okay game.
Erm...what else...



I don't know what else I can possibly type about.
Like...what...no-one' visiting the forums when my MSN nick is so shiny and clear and...invisible. Yea. That's the word for it.
I mean...cmon...there has been con-flakes and stuff but...let's just try again? If not, again? And again? And again? *echo echo echo blahblahblah*
Okay I'm on crack now.

I'm so bored...nobody asked me out to play, nobody asked me out to do stuff...even the study group which I really enjoyed isn't gonna happen anymore...

And chalet is like...November? You expect me to rot until November? I'm a pig, mind you!

Hmm...pig...but I don't have much fats to begin with.
Heck, from now on I shall be PigChikoSwordmanWinterDarKnight.
Well...what can you expect a man who is bored stiff to blog about some pretty girl whom he knew from primary school walking past him yesterday at Vista Point?
Oh shit I blew it.

-She's still the same...except for the hills, duh!-

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Soso.

Monday, October 09, 2006

So this morning, I took a walk in the school.


Uh...fine, this morning I took a walk in the park.
Why? It was the A Math paper.
I was having this mindset of 'Have fun while you can', and I walked into the hall with a really light heart.
And...10 sheets of paper. Wow.
PSI man. Heck, it's already gone down.
And then...2 sheets of graph paper.
The first thing on my mind : 'Shit, I don't have a curve ruler!'
Who cares? If that comes out i'll draw free hand. See if I care!
So...8 o' cock. And off I went to get slaughtered again in this hell hole of a hall. Lol.
Oh. The what...algebraic expressions and identities crap. Makes things easier.
First question! Express the people who don't use desktop nor laptops in set notation. Or was it?
Nevermind. I got somewhere like (DUN)'. Yea.
DUN? DUN what? Oh DUN do the paper? No I'm here to have fun. Next question! And the next! And the next! My hand just went on and on and on...
Prove the identity...sweet!
Oh...LHS equates to 1...RHS equates to 1....so LHS = RHS. O.o
Heck, next!
Trigo. Shit. Did all without knowing what I'm doing...
Then the next...and the next...
Oh...this question...err...oh. The last page of the question paper.
I see the graph question. And I got turned off.
WTF do you mean by 'Explain how a straight-line graph can be obtained for lny against x'?
So I skipped it and went to o 11.
Coordinate geometry...sweet!
Write...write...and then I still had a little time to do the graph question.
In the end...
'a) Since ONE value of x can be obtained for every value of y, a straight-line graph can be obtained.' Stupid answer, isn't it?
So...draw graph...cool, it's really straight. Then skipped b) and went for c). Then by the time I finished c), I had no more time for b).
2 marks out of 80 gone.
Nevermind. I was pretty estatic about finishing the paper.
I came out and said that I took a walk in the park. Lol.
Then went with Zell and Lee Teck to Macs for my Fillet-O'-Fish meal.
Hungry me. =)
Ate...talked about the past chalets we had...
Then we talked about Viting sleeping at the wall after Zell woke her up.
I could really ROFL if I wanted to. I didn't know that, and it was so funny the way he mentions it.
And he talked about me being a dead piece of flesh when he tried to wake me up. Gee, I must have been really tired. He should have slapped me or spanked me or something.
Then Kia Woon. 'Wake up! The sun's shining at your butt!' Lol, lame joke.
Yea...these were the chain of events that triggered after the failure to wake up for sunrise.
By the time I woke up, 7+. We had to go for Maths remedial.
Lol...nice memories...
So...I went back home after a few occasional rantings as the paper took a little too much out of me and hence I had no mood to go window shopping.
Went back, more rescues, more Rakion...this time my mage got owned by a Blacksmith who threw axes at me.
Like...100% armour loss + 25% hp loss for every hit of the throwing axe. How strong is that?
But I did chaos a few times...every single time killed.
Guess I really suck when it comes to controlling the kid riding on the cult. (Mage chaos mode. Really cute. Really.)
Then towards 6...
*Energy at critical levels. All systems at low revo.*
And...yea. Triple 'Z'.
Woke up and found 'ello'.
Sorry Zell...was too tired.
And he sprained his ankle. Poor guy.
For once I'm glad that I'm accident prone. I don't suffer as much injuries as him.
Oh yea...tomorrow is the Lit paper. Last paper! Yay....groan.
Fuck the results if I get crap =).
Oh well...I'm not even motivated at all to read my Lit notes.



Fine! I'll read them after 10! Kay? Kay. Ga~ Nevermind.

I'll really be looking forward to the chalet. I wanna swim. And interact with friends =).

-1 day...-

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fun.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lol...realised that alot of my sundays are fun.

Oh well...this Sunday, I mostly played Rakion.

Oh...what did I do? Hmm...firstly, I had alot of fun in the Golem war with a team that has silent teamwork. Blacksmith takes the front while the mage (the cute,little one) starts to impale the opponent with ice from the ground.

Then, I started playing. As it was a Twin castle map, I knew the first thing I had to do, and that is to head upstairs to a platform. Then I switched weapons and fired away at the golem, and frequently at the players. It's a really fortunate thing that I didn't die at the platform, although I did get blasted by arrows or fireballs several times.

For defence, I headed back to my master golem quickly. Once a speck of gold comes (The one holding the Golden sword by defeating the gold golem has a gold aura), bombs away!

As usual, I remained the only survivor in losing games. Then I just went up to the opponent and get owned. Lol.

I remember this particular game where I went up to the Gold golem and started to impale him as my team is dwindling in numbers and I haven't used my Chaos mode then. (Chaos mode is yourself changing into a much stronger form.) Once I finished it, I hurried to the opponents' Master Golem, and activated Chaos transform. Needless to say, it was a sure-win match.

-3 days to go-

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Evening, Sleepy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh look at the haze...huh? Me?
Yea I haven't been blogging...(due to the stupid exams)...so I might as well do one while i still can.
Heyhey, I have already given up on my exams. Wanna know some of them?

Paper 1. The first part where you have to do an informal letter is okay...its until the second part.
The environment is cold to the point where I can't even think properly...so I wrote what my heart tells me to.
The question's about writing an event that you're very angry about (Angry with? Yourself? Your friends?), and that you're still angry with.
So fine. I recall writing a story about having a crush then doing something stupid and being regretful. So...i thought of another one. With the same crush concept, but with a morbid twist.
I thought of one where my crush got raped and jumped from my house naked while 'studying' together. Then I got angry with myself for not telling her earlier.


The more I think of it the more I feel that it's out of point. *Hangs head low*

For the few of you who has seen someone's blog I've stated something like..."'But there's only enough for one bird.' FUCK IT! A BIRD CAN TAKE 10 MARKS FROM YOU!" Something like that.
It's really true. I totally don't get what the bird question was trying to ask.
Nevermind. I see many, many strings of 'FUCK!' after the exam. (Well...only from two people, excluding me.)
By the time it ended I have already given up on exams. What the heck is the point of having exams when it makes so many people unhappy about it? Fine, maybe I have an interest in the sciences, but look, I'm angry with the fucked up education system and I sure hope the terrorists bomb MOE soon.

Yea, all hail my weakest subject since secondary 2. Fine, paper 1 was okay, but paper 2...
A million thanks to Mr. Chye (If you set the paper) for preparing my cemetery spot. I'm halfway in.
Yea, like...what...a cone with the head chopped off and a what...ll those bloody craps. Maybe it was okay for the front part, but...heck. At least I got a Diagon Swing technique out of it, out of sheer anger.

Yea, that's how fucked up life is. Maybe some of yours are not, but the majority, and I mean the MAJORITY, feels that their lives are fucked up. Like, what more can I say other than 'The education system is a mean to brainwash us and prepare us to SLAVE OUR LIVES AWAY in this industry.' Like, why can't we live our own lives? Fine, maybe the whole industry would collapse if everyone thought like me, but, isn't the education system a little too hard on us?

Oh, by the way, the list of exams are in chronological order. And for your info, I always feel drained after the passing of each day.

I can't even enjoy the new Pokemon game which I gotten yesterday.
Well...although Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Red Rescue Team is a little hard to begin with, I still need my daily dose of fun.
And to top it off, I am a Machop! =D
Yea chop off their heads for good! Use the Diagon Swing! Use the...oh. No Diagon Swing. Fuck.

Yea, you heard it...


But...I like fuck. =)
Quote : 'But not physics fuck.'
Hell yea.

-6 days to freedom-

Let it Rain.



I'm Terence.
I'm 18.
My birthdate? 8th September.
If you need a friend to listen to you,I'll take the job.

Have fun,



J!@ H@0
Geng An


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