Thursday, Night.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No. No more will I do anymore of those 'Today is...' or 'Today starts...'.

I shall do something else, since I have gotten a little piece of inspiration. This this really sweet teenage couple being very close on the MRT. It IS a little mushy but please, I've grown to see lots of it so I don't get affected that way, but instead in another way.

So I see this couple being really happy together, and being myself I felt really happy as well, just as if I was the one who is experiencing it all. (If it sounds a little too much for you, leave. I'm not forcing you.)
But at the same time I get reminded of the unhappy past I've had with this funny thing called love.

First Love.
Alright, so almost everyone has one, even silly old me who is doing this heck of a blog right now. My first has been the longest lasting to tell the truth. A full 4 years to be exact. It started from the other party's constant calling to clarify doubts on homework. Then I did something really stupid and the whole thing ended with a stop on the calls. I was really miserable.

Now do I have to elaborate? It's really painful, I must say. The 4 after that ~ oh nevermind I don't want to say, the Net isn't safe. If I recall correctly I nearly cried in one of them, so it must have really been very hurting.

A little soul-searching
It might be something which I do, which really is of face value in my opinion. If I get judged because of it I might as well say that it's over before it's even started.
But I remember one of it which has been going great but ended because of personal reasons. Barriers, in general, probably. It's only fair to step out of it if you don't like it as fast as possible.

My fantasies

Yea, I do have alot of fantasies when it comes to love. From Krishna and Susila to WinterDarKnight and ShadowMoonMaiden, I get influenced by stories I read and events that happen everyday. These fantasies are mainly how I see love as a whole, nothing much about it.

So comes an abrupt stop to the topic. Oh well, I really shouldn't have forced myself to do least I faced the sorrows again and learned abit out of it. Before I go, here are three mindsets and maybe you would like to tell me which of the three I should take when I confess next time. (If there will be one.)

1, 'I must try again, and as expected she might not say yes.'
2, 'Stay strong. This next one if a hopeful.'
3, 'Don't try at all, your friends are gonna laugh at you and tell on you.'

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So I am finally well...(or possibly...motivated), well enough to do this blog to do up what happened from Thursday (14/9) until now.

So needless to say...the usual school and stuff + an 'evolved' cough.Serious enough to make teachers go 'Are you OK?'. Like duh, of course I would say that I'm fine, acting all strong and all.A little headache started in me as well but I didn't think much of it.
Then CI. I was coughing and coughing as I was laughing and joking away with JiaHao upon looking at the signs of stress. Then it all ended, almost everyone left, and I started to feel the heat. I didn't realise that I was burning from the start. When the rain stopped, I started heading for the MRT station. I knew that I had to get back home no matter what.
When I reached Sembawang, the rain was still going on so I've no choice but to head for Admiralty. But alas, despite the train-bus plan I still got a little wet. (Only a little.)
When I got home, the first thing Mum asked me was whether I walked in the rain. I said no. (I don't consider it 'walking in the rain') Then I started taking my temperature. 39.3. No wonder I was having a headache. My brains were going to get fried.
So...more meds which barely controlled my runny nose and cough, and the panadol which kept me sweating and eventually put me to sleep. Really, I was too weak to even raise an arm, and I said to myself that I've finally lost to this hell of a sinusitis.

I woke up at around 5+ to find my head still hot and my cough still there. Nothing has changed. Then Mum came in, felt my head, and told me that I shouldn't go to school today. I really didn't want to skip school but...if I collapse halfway in the lesson it would have been worse so...I closed my eyes again.
Woke up again at 7 since I had to go for a second trip to another doctor at 8. And oh, how I was shivering. I took my temperature a few minutes after I had my cereal drink. 40. Mum even thought that it was caused by the drink.
So changed, got my wallet and handphone, and sat on a sofa staring at the fishes. Then Dad called and I had to go downstairs. I walked like an old man.
Got on his taxi and headed for Yishun. Talked abit about the sinusitis and this and that. Then we reached the clinic, took a number, and off Dad went, telling me to call him when I'm done.
I took a seat...near the fan. Bad idea.
The first few minutes were okay, with me reading the posters and all. But as time passed, my fever probably went up and started to munch into my consciousness, adding to the shivering.
That went on for around one and a half hours.
Finally, yea FINALLY, I can knock on the doctor's door and get a diagnosis.
So...a 40.4 fever...sweet! And an added 'rhino' to my acute sinusitis. Acute RHINOsinusitis. Lol.
Actually it's rhinisitis + sinusitis. And why sweet? a bit more and I could have gone to hospital. I might have liked it, but I'm sure my parents won't.
Oh I get an MC and a one-week break from PE. Yay.
Nevermind, I don't need PE.
So...I shivered all the way back home and ate plain porridge. That's right, plain, white, and tasteless. But oh well...I have to, don't I?
The rest of the day was spent recovering and taking meds.

~To Be Continued~ (Yes, say that I'm lazy)

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Inspiring?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I wake up.
A funny feeling at my nose.
Something trickling down.
Not thick, but I still thought it was mucus.
Turned out that my blood hose decided to open up.
Nevermind. I fixed it with a piece of tissue paper.
Realised that my haemophobia was gone. I no longer felt giddy or have any signs of weakness.
The cough stayed strong. Maybe it was because of my mucus.
Heck. Went to school and endured several hours of constant coughing.
It worsened when someone ordered SPICY fishball noodles.
Stubborn guy.
Nevermind. So I kept on coughing even on the MRT.
And walking back home was quite a big challenge.
With the cough taking a toll on my insides, I straggled home with my suddenly very heavy bag.
I felt like a shorted-out Pikachu when I reached home.
Then bathed and tried logging in to MSN.
Finally. So it was a server check, after all.
Then chatted with Dom about me going to the doctor abit later and he replied that western meds cut short your lifespan.
Funny. But since I don't really care about life and death, I said that I don't care.
Then went to the doctor after Mum called.
It's been a long time, doc. =)
Nevermind. When he ignored what I said about having had a nosebleed, I knew it wasn't the heatiness.
He said it was due to 'sign-ness'(That's the pronounciation...someone please find out what it is.), a kind of nose allergy(Maybe, I don't know) that causes excessive production of mucus.(Runny nose, duh!)
The mucus was the cause of my cough. No wonder I start coughing whenever I swallowed my own mucus.
Oh well...back home. Oh did I forget to say that i had 'bak kut teh' before going out?
It was lacking some flavour as the other ingredients weren't put in, but it was my fault for having cough anyway.
I estimated exactly how much of the food I could take. I was full by the time I finished the meal.
More coughing...even more coughing...
Oh I shouldn't even be doing this blog!
-Shuts down and took Chlorpheniramine-

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fun while it lasted.

Sunday, September 10, 2006 the last day...of the short less-than-one-week hols.'s sad...even the skies are sad. It rained so much today.
Watched a little GSD...Durandell is so smart *cough**cough*.
Heck, he's rotten to the core.
Had a little milk and bread for breakfast, and the cough of mine still rages on.
Then went for maple.
lxOverSoulxl leveled to 55 today. =)
And while training she met alot of kind people who changed channel when she kindly asked, all except for one.
over: 'Hey I came here first.'
****: 'WOW'
****: 'AS IF I CARE'
No I'm not going to ask for's a waste of time, but he will be another asshole who doesn't respect his fellow maplers.
Nevermind...before that I received a 60% glove attack scroll from one of the thousands of jr. yetis I've slain.
I was so happy =D.
But it was sold for 2.8m, since the buyer was 'broke'.
Benefit of the doubt =).
And Mephis's closeness is still on the 1102 currently.
Haha XD.
There were alot of vexing times, like the two people in the guild fighting...the 'cc pls'(cc pls...keh!), and the CAT DISOBEYING ME!
Overall...this day was spent on mapling.
I'll only log on for 1-2 hours after this...since I'm going to start doing homework. (Hope so...really hope so.)
Then the weekends would be spent on it again XD.
-Here ends a really boring blog-

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, The cough rages on...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

So today...I woke up at 8+...again.
Oh's good.
Played a full 21 rounds of Rakion.
Scored a total of 58 kills if I'm not wrong.
Heh...I'm still good.
Then got tired and closed it.
Then went for a little bit of Maple...
Bokken was really boring at that stage...(I knew it!)
So I tried to revive the expense of tearing DeterminAZN apart.
You will be missed AZN...T_T
Oh I went with XxDestiny8xX to buy stuff for Over. very own shopping spree =D.
Found alot of nice stuffs...(expensive stuffs...gah!)
Then found a really cheap Moonlight that gives a 5 Int bonus. And I bought it happily.
Bought a cheap Cromi and 7 100% scrolls...
Then a white guiltian...
Spent alot of time transferring stuff XD.
Then bought some cash using the money I've saved up...and revived the cat.XD
lxOverSoulxl is finally gonna burn Jr.yetis again...wuahaha mood to blog ><-

Let it Rain.

Friday, Night, Didn't turn out well.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I did something during midnight. (Duh!)
I woke up at around 8.
Played a little PuyoPopFever.
And blahblahblah...parents went off for work...Sis there trying to cheer me up but in the end I had to cheer her up. Silly girl.
When Geng said that he couldn't go with me to SimLim, I understood and forgave him.'s inevitable. A big part of my ideal birthday went POOF just like that.
No reason to cry over goes on...
Thanks to a few out there willing to understand how dreadful it is for me to stay at home on my birthday.
Yea, I do know that I *cough**cough**cough*, but...I wanted to go out for nuts!!!
So did a few stuffs like surfing the Net, PuyoPop(again) and a little mapling which I soon got tired of.
I've made up my mind to stop mapling after Pink's wedding.
So...boring stuff happened all the way until 6.
Guess what?
'Peach Blossom Island' was so noisy I that I was just sitting in a corner doing nothing at all.
But someone really cheered me up by 'typing' the birthday song for me. Thanks =).
And yay...they finally got married...and I left Maple after that.
I was really sick and tired.
Nevermind. So after that...had dinner. Nice dinner.
Then someone trots along and I happily taught her a little Physics to let her 'see the light'.
Yea, I happily threw away my 'birthday boy' status to become a part-time tuition teacher. Haha.
Mum came back with a few cheese sausage balls for me.
And she promised KFC after I've recovered from cough. Yay.
It IS a birthday, after all!
So to everyone who cheered me up during this fateful day...I sincerely thank you.
I'll never the first present I've ever gotten for this day, which is *cough*!

Let it Rain.

Yay!!! Haha.
But I'm not sure though...Mum said that I was born somewhere in the morning...><

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, The day was okay. [Practice]

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I do not want to blog about today cause' people find my blog boring.
So...I might as well do a little 'fighting' on the Net. Haha.

Wonder what I should summon...hmm...

*Makes a 100-square-meter arena*
*Steps into it*
"Hello!" *echo**echo**echo*
-Oh well...down to a little training business, then. (Pardon my first time)-
"Here goes...Clockworks!"
-Don't worry it's just going to stand there and be whacked XD-
"Hey where's my weapon...oh there it is..."
*Unsheathes HeartNoire*(Sounds wierd...heck.)


Now this guy runs forward and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hits.
He comes back...gathers an aura around himself in a spiral and finally putting the aura into the sword.
He charges.
Upcut (1), jump, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 hits.
Charges again....
He goes into the monster, splits into 9 selves, and comes out of the monster in 9 different directions.
Shockwave (Counted 9 hits. Duh!)
DarKnight lands together with his 'selves', which disappeared soon after.
Clockworks crashes down to the floor, leaving a crater. Then he stands up.
-I made it God mode XD-

"Wonder what else..."
Runs forward.
1,2,3 hits.
Continued from the 3...4,5,6 hits.
Continued from 6...7,8,9,10,11-12-13-14,15,16,17,18 hits.
Continued from 18...19 hits.
=End of skill combo=

-Bleh...I think it looks a little boring as I didn't add the 'animation'. Heck, it wouldn't be my moves anymore if I 'animated' XD.-

'Lol it's just a tweak of the mind.'
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 hits.
1,2,3,4 hits.
1,2,3,4 hits.
Gathering the momentum he got from the last Inequality strike, he turns and deals a critical blow.(1)

Bah. That's all for today. (I know it's lacking, but I'm just trying things out.)
~2 more days~

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Fun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The alarm clock rang at 0655. I went to off it, then went back to sleep.
And I woke up at around 0728 thanks to Mom.
Gee...I really couldn't count on myself to use alarm clocks. They don't work!
Guess I'll depend on my Mom and then my wife...if I have one*sigh*.
Yea I'm a really dependant shit. That's what i am.
So went to school just in time for the first lesson of the day : Math.
More of the trogonometry...then to identities.
Quite okay so far...although...more coughings.
Then physics. A slack moment on force, then on to pressure.
KiaWoon sat beside be cause' the seat was empty. Maybe she wanted to talk to Cindy.
Heck, I shan't be no busybody.
Chem and Chinese were both cancelled (Erm...thanks Mr. Leow and Ms. Sim?).
I was getting ready to suffer and this HAD to happen.
So went with the usual gang + Vernon and headed for Central.
Chatted with Vernon since we haven't been chatting for so long.
Same old guy. Haha.
Then Zell was bored, the two still talking away like we don't exist...and some others which I didn't notice what they were doing.
It was just funny stuff after funny stuff.
Ate in Pizza Hut in the end.
Baked rice is still my hot fave...although I can gobble down a pizza whole. *cough*
Curse you cough *cough*.
Then left with Vernon for the MRT station.
He was heading for Dhoby Ghaut so we bade farewell and went separate ways.
More pool on the phone. I suck.
Went back home, changed, then more Trickster.
Drilled until I finally got my TM level to 30. Yay!
Then happily purchased the 'Gun booster' skill card and used it.
Then used TM points on it until it got to lvl10.
I wanted to master it...and saw...
14 Blue Feathers needed.
What the hell is blue feathers?
At first I didn't know, then I looked at the hint.
- The tomb of the king...King tut?
- Blue hair. No idea.
I thought it was a bird (I was only half correct.), but I knew it is in Pyramid Dungeon so I went there.
Then got into a party and a kind soul told me that MAYBE it was either Isis or Nepthys.
But I saw that one was red and one was green so i wnt somewhere else.
In the hair...
Nepthys!!! Silly me...
So off I went to fight th- *killed*
take 2.
take 3.
take 4.
take 5.
take 6...At this point I was getting really frustrated. My damage was quite impressive with a whopping 730+ to the Nepthys. But having followed the 3142 hitpoints dragged me down.
And I was getting a mass raping anyway...
Thankfully, a cat partied with me so that I can get my feathers. Thanks Luxuan.
I still died, but at least I got my feathers =).
Then she gave up on hunting for nepthys and started training there instead.
And so, my booster is mastered. Yay!
Then a little drilling here...a little dozing off there...
Zell tried to log in to the site but he kept failing.
Then I went to check his account...then clicked 'yes' for 'Single Sign-on'. =.=
Then turns out that he had no time left for the updates.
Oh be continued...tomorrow, then.
~3 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Okay.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Today I woke up with a pretty good amount of energy.
Guess I've slept my fill =D.
But there's still this dizziness when I walk though. Probably because of the aftermath of the fever.
At first I followed blindly to 3/1, then walked around trying to find 1/7. But in the end I was so sick of staying in 3/1, and it's 8.55 already, so I went to look for 1/7 again.
Silly me, it was there all along.
And so the start of the extra lessons began.
Math. Trigonometry.
And since I forgot my calculator my mood to do the sums dropped like a stone and hence all i did was to take down a little notes and look over the previous notes again.
And there goes Zell with his story about a 'f-ed up' song.
The whole time i was coughing quite frequently. Maybe I'll die like Souji Okita. How did he die, you say?


He died of TB.
So it all ended and I headed home on my own.
Really bored on the train since my 'flat' handphone was left at home.
Nevermind. At least I managed to walk home. There were little headaches here and there too.
Arrived home, more porridge with lean meat and century egg with fish, bathed, then guess what?
More drilling, duh.
But Sis said that Mum gave me 10 bucks to go to the hairdresser.
Oh well...and there I went with Sis trotting along wanting some chocolate. Greddy me wanted some too.
The hair looks...okay?
Then went back home with the chocolate. I ate mine immediately as the porridge just wasn't enough to fill me up.
And no, it didn't affect the cough.
So...started shooting at the QueenYamus till lvl31 while mastering the 'timed critical shot' technique as I moved along.
Then went to the Crystal Copper happily taking the pink drills along with me.
The mines sucked, big time.
I either get ambushed, mass-taupoked, or thoroughly 'raped'. You name it, they do it.
But I managed to get out with this tiny bit of bronze, tin, and sulphur.
Then went to stupidly upgrade my gun.
Failure. My gun became scrap metal.
Then got another one.
Success. No more bronze. Oh well.
Then blahblahblah....(Too much to tell. Mainly about me as a team leader making a royal party. Fine maybe I'm a braggart.)
About my MSN nick? Zell might know a teeny little bit.
But I cannot tell anyone the true meaning. It's just something in the tagboard that gave me a bullet right smack in the face.
Yea, no Shiva, no door, no nothing! Not even for nuts!
~5 days to go~(Yea I'll *cough* my way there)

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fun.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today I woke up to find myself fully recovered! *Cough*
Okay, maybe not. Only my fever was gone, my cough remains.
Heck, at least my head doesn't hurt that much anymore, which is good.
So...watched abit of Beyblade G-revolution. *gets reminded of SingEe*
The match between Kai and Max was awesome. Max sure has changed. By a lot. But Kai still won.
Oh well, at least the fights now are becoming more and more worthy to watch.
Ate some egg tarts while watching and had some cough medicine, but I doubt the meds are working.
Then went back to my room and started drilling away, but not for long.
I started going gun-ho on the Armor Squirts as I was attempting a monster quest.
I thought 25 minutes wasn't enough to kill 40 of them,'s 40 we're talking about!
But I pulled through anyway...with 7 and a half minutes to spare. XD
Then changed location as i wanted to drill for blue drills. The path to desert beach.
But got really pissed as 1 basic drill only gave me like, one blue drill and one green drill, and that my second drill didn't even get me a single blue drill.
Oh well, patience is the key...I think. =.=
Then I vent all my anger by going gun-ho on the Popos. Poor cute juicy grasshaired...erm...creatures.
Then got my Tm level to 26 and got the Invincible Reload skill. Now I can finally fire at will without having to fear getting whacked!
And it was an awesome experience of rythmatic trigger-pulling! Kinda reminds me of Renzokuken.
Oh well...that's about all for today. I sure hope I won't cough too much in remedial tomorrow, but I think I will.
~5 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, Pretty much recovered

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I woke up craving for water. XD
Oh well...who told me to get fever in the first place?
But this one is counted mild...I've had more serious ones before.
So! Today Team Rocket blasts off again.
Well...haven't they always?
Then...more Trickster.
More drilling...more reaping rewards...more thorn and titanium drills...
I don't know why I love 'mining' so much.
And I thought I was well enough until I took a bath.
At was okay...then...
My whole body starts to weaken due to the cold.
To the point where I have to take very small and slow steps to put the clothes on the washing machine and towards the sofa.
I couldn't even speak. I couldn't even give a 'face'.
I was just sitting there staring into thin air.
Oh nevermind.
Took meds after having some biscuits since I was too weak to go out and that Sis didn't dare to buy lunch on her own. Oh point in being angry with her for that, since I always go out with her to buy lunch and dinner anyways.
Even more drilling in Trickster after that.
Then at around 5+ I was able to go with Sis to buy dinner.
I shan't say what I had for dinner, lest people start giving me 'advice' which at this point I won't care about.
Then more drilling. (What can you expect? I'm addicted to drilling!)
Yea, now it's cough on the offensive now.
Oh well...
~6 days to go~( I will get well by Monday. I'm sure of it.)

Let it Rain.

Friday, Night, ill.

Friday, September 01, 2006

So today, as expected, I woke up with a really heavy head.
My body became like a pile of meat with the soul trapped inside suffering.
Actually, it's just pure pain and weakness.
I was too weak to even walk around for a minute. the headache was doing its best to stop me from playing Trickster.
However, being a playful me I defiantly ignored my body and started playing.
And so, today was spent with Dominique and me playing Trickster. =)
It's pretty fun actually...although not as developed as Maple, it has a much nicer community and it's not fullscreen.
Finally, a nice game without having to go fullscreen!
At first, I blindly followed the instructions Dom gave me to have a nice lion.
I didn't really go on combat, but instead i went to drill up stuff.
I actually enjoyed what people would think is boredom.
Yes, in RS I enjoyed mining, in RF I enjoyed mining too.
Trickster, even more mining!!!
So I was getting pretty wealthy while having a lot of fun drilling.
But as time progresses, my headache worsened to the point where I have to lie down every so often to take a rest.
It was really getting into my head.
I regretted hollering at sis once as my headache was too much to handle.
Pain numbs the brain...>.<
So I atoned for what I did with a bunch of 'Thanks' later.
Then took my temperature. 38.6 degrees celsius.
Yea, I'm hot. ;-)
But oh well, I knew I was gonna have a fever the moment my headache worsened.
So I took a couple of Panadol after dinner, and the effects worked a few minutes later.
Sweating cures fever? Haha.
So I was a lot better after 10 minutes of taking the medicine, and I continued Trickster.
Dom pwned me in the card game just because I didn't hunt much. Oh well.
Then got a gun, and started using it. (I realised that Dom was wanting my lion to be a gunner only after i took my meds. >.<)
Tomorrow, I shall start drilling again. Ammo is too expensive.
~7 days to go~(Oh no 7 days left ahh....)

Let it Rain.



I'm Terence.
I'm 18.
My birthdate? 8th September.
If you need a friend to listen to you,I'll take the job.

Have fun,



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