Monday, Night.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Terensu feels : tired.

It caught the attention of a lot of people sitting for the Prep-preliminaries.
Memories. WTF?!? I was choking. It can't be!
But heck. Anyone who has 15-17 years of memory would find this topic interesting, hands down.
Okay, not everyone.

I wrote a simple short story for the question.
Typical guy meets fucking materialistic girl and gets crushed.
It made me bleed inside a little, but who cares, I'm in the mood for self-torturing.
Sadomasochism at its best.
Err, rather, emo at its best.

After the relaxing test, I went with Geng and Sing Ee to Dhoby Ghaut to get our hands on some machines. It was fun, but we ended up either broke or close to being broke. Sing Ee went home via NE line, and me and Geng An...well...he fell asleep on the train due to fatigue and I told him to go home to sleep.

Sleep. A waste of time, yet so essential for survival.

Oh, crap. Gotta get my mind off the essay.

I came back and played more FlyFF. Then helped a friend on a little research.

School of Design is hard work. O.o

So, yea, there goes another day. Wasted.

I'll probably waste tomorrow, too.

Terensu ; WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Morning.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terensu is : getting ready to study with friends.

Friday was a day when football unlocked my shackles.
I was as free as a spirit, and at that instant, corrosion stops, and women don't matter at all.

Saturday was a day of discoveries.
I get to see how different people modify the original, and also how silence is still the best strategy to things.

Today, is going to be quite arduous. I'll be out the whole day, finishing homework, revising, probably chatting around...yea, it's going to be fun as well.

I really should start pouring my emotions into a book. Apparently, mine is overflowing, and nobody wants to take it and contain it within themselves.

"What is love? Something not worth having." This I will hold true...for now.

*rubs eyes*,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Terensu feels : tired.

As a storm brews, and as the heat sets in,
I stand undaunted, too brave to do anything.

Laziness? I say everyone has it,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Terensu feels : lethargic.

I must close my eyes...
Hide those tears, Terence! Hide them!

Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Terensu feels : tired.

There are times when someone simply can't think of anything interesting to blog about.
This is the time. =.=

Love is the wilted rose on the cold hard floor.

Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Terensu feels : Happy.

I haven't been updating.

Yes, the promise is broken, yet again.
I have promised to try to post daily, but in the end I didn't. Dang.
So, I guess I'll start on Thursday.
Thursday was a really grueling one for me. First PE, then newspaper collection, then swimming.
My whole body was hurting like hell even before newspaper collection started, and during swimming my muscles were so tensed up, I thought they were gonna cramp.
It's just my luck that they didn't. XD
I realised, during swimming, that I have a lot to catch up on.
Firstly, my endurance dropped. As in I can't swim the breadth of the pool and tow someone back without the sheer tiredness. Could be the result of using up too much energy, though.

I can never forget what the guys were looking at when they got one of the pile of newspapers back...

For Friday, the whole class was wearing the Class tee. That really made my day. I've never my class wear class tees since Sec 2.
The lessons were so-so, and the only fun part is when I was playing a skirmish of Ancient Empires with Geng An and Sing Ee.
The battle is far from over. Haha.
So, after school ended, I hanged around in school eating and playing soccer before finally going home.
It was the second day of eating Nachos.
The first time I ate it, I was already hypnotised by the cheese. It was heavenly.
When I came back home, I wanted to do a little C++, and so I did. Then I went to play a little of FlyFF.
The training was extremely fast with an advanced party and an Assist beside me. She was getting around 1% exp of every kill I do, and I got around 0.12%, I think.
Hey, it's good enough.
The funny thing is, when WinterDarKnight leveled to 65, gotten Berserk, and the skill level rose by one, (Emphasis on 'one') I got pissed when the self-buff only gives +3% attack speed, and less than 30 increased attack rate, plus, it lasts only 10 seconds.
Oh well, nothing's perfect.

And today...

I went out in the morning for BM practice. For the first time in my swimming 'career', I saw Terence getting angry.
Kids really tests your limits, I guess.
So anyway, we did some sort of struggle practice, whereby the victim is to start struggling in the process of being towed, and we, the rescuers, need to keep our distance and to assume defensive stance until the victim calms down, before we attempt to tow again.
Thomas was cooped up at home for too long, and got dizzy after this 'drill'. He even wanted to vomit, but in the end it's all fine.
Re-capped on CPR. I keep forgetting the procedures. Not good.
Also, I only realised today that I'll not be getting 1 cert, but 2 certs out of the test coming end of May.
Bm and CPR. Sweet!
Bad thing is, I'll have to renew it every 3 years. Haha.
Oh well, I guess I can be a lifeguard in NS? *shrugs*
Or maybe a Medic? Nah. XD
After I came back, had lunch, bathed, and started working on my C++ again.
I managed to configure a program so that it can print out numbers in a given range in either ascending or descending order.
I was getting frustrated over the program not working, but in the end, I realised something, and it worked. Hurray.
So, after that little success, I went to play. (Wth? I should be practicing! XD)
Since O2Jam failed to work, I went to play FlyFF.
I worked on a new character. This time a Psykeeper, using a dormant newbie I left alone for a long time. Thankfully, the full Niz set is still there, so I can utilise it without having to buy another set of armour.
It was a drag, and the character only assumed Magician status at around 8.30pm. I was exhilarated nonetheless.
I played around with it, learned a new kind of attack style, whereby I hit with a longer distance but weak magic bolt, and then crushing the enemy with Mental Strike. It worked wonders.

Now, I'm just here blogging, and listening to the funny show in the living room. Heh.

Anyways, here's an extremely condensed blog for 3 days for you, the poor reader.
I apologise again for my sloth.

Sorry, please forgive me,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Terensu feels : emo.

The baby fought like a man, and lost like one.

I fought like a man too, and lost like an ant.

I need to insert my spirit inside a foetus to experience what it's like being aborted, by passion-induced actions.

Okay nevermind. If I continued I'd be doing the post yesterday all over again.

Lack of love VS. Slow, painful death, I'll take death,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Terensu feels : phy-si-ca-li corroded. (How many days has this been happening?)

School is as usual, with the Lit presentation of the Friar and the Watch being beautifully captivating.
Okay, that would be suffigance for the school part.
Suffigance. XD

-I apologise for any depressing stuff I throw from here on-

It's been quite a while since this corrosion started.
Sometimes, it's so insignificant I just don't think much about it at all.
But sometimes, you'll just feel like taking up the role of an RPG character and hack away at the monsters.
Yes, hack away, Terence. Hack away at all the loneliness, all your sadness, and ONLY bring positive feelings towards your fellow friends.


It seems that I failed miserably.

I have been bugged. By all sorts of external factors. But what pisses me off most, is myself.
This inner desire is so strong, I think I can destroy myself if left alone for long enough.
What others say about "It's all in your head" and "Stop thinking about it, you're just desperate", they're all comforting words, I know, but to me I think it's all bull.
I just need to get a girl, love her, and get loved in return. That's all, plain and simple. I need that assurance right there in my face, that there is someone whom I can pour all of my emotions into. (If it doesn't piss her off)
Life just has to make things difficult, to make humans think that they've attained it, only to know that their hard work was all a waste of time.
Why make it so difficult?

And you, Terensu, you dumbass. You can't even stand up, walk up, and confess to the girl you like. You have been a freaking coward for so many years, and you know what, I'm getting tired of you. If you can't just stand up for what you want you should just go and die, end of story. Why torture yourself over one person?

And you, Terence. You know that love can't be forced, and you just had to overdo things. I know it's what you need, but guess what? No girl needs you right now. Maybe there are, but they're freakign going to shut up so you won't go to them. You die too, Terence. You're not fit to even make a fool of yourself in class.


I know it's something I'll never give up on, so I can't say I give up, but I'm really tired. I just want to balance out my life. What's wrong with that?

Never mind,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Afternoon.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Terensu feels : like doing homework.

Been long since I can finally 'see' a dream and remembered it.
But's in bits and pieces.
I was in this castle...and we were supposed to cross the bridge. Below the bridge was full of vines. Not those kind of normal vines, but those charred and radiating with darkness.
So, we finished off whoever/whatever was in our way...and then I remembered saying something...
"I wanna pee." (Lol! But yea, I had this 'wanting to pee' sensation'.)
So I decided to pee...into the vines. I don't know why.
Someo0ne followed me there, and was perhaps consumed by the darkness in the vines. She tried to push me down while saying something I really can't remember.
After she regained her self, she went, "I'm so sorry, my willpower wasn't high enough".
We crossed the bridge, and a few people went pass this huge door, leaving me and someone else behind. As we were about to reach the door, I perhaps got caught in a spell or something and flew, slowly, towards the vines.
Then some mage pointed at me with her staff and said, "It's over".
I think I whimpered a bit?
Then the other guy, whom I think also got caught in a spell, took up his sword and held the mage back.
I turned around to see someone wearing some royal-looking clothes with a sword in hand. Then as the sword glowed and she tried to kill me, I rushed, disarmed her with my bare hands, and landed a direct hit at her neck with the sword. No blood was seen, though. Maybe they were of another specie.
I saw a spear near me a while later, and took it with my right hand. (Double wielding in a dream, sheesh.)
Then some fat woman saw the door trying to open and she tried to close and lock it, and I got pissed and used my spear to swing at her leg. (Benevolence. O.o)
Due to that fat woman being super tough, my attack failed and she locked the door. (When did she get the key?)
I then threw names at her like a 3-year-old. I don't know why, I just did.
The other guy was gone, but I didn't feel anything. Maybe he wasn't of much importance.
Then as the arguing continued, I slowly woke, and the dream ends.

All in all, the castle looked great. It was fully made of stone bricks.
As for the wasn't visible at all. =\
I wonder what the heck that dream was about. Maybe it's my imagination. Oh well.

So, I've been playing FlyFF and O2jam until now, and I plan to start on my Math again after lunch since I'm not going out or anything.
So, yea. I'm going to remember this year's Good Friday for good. (Good, good. Get it? Haha.)

That was a cool dream,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Terensu feels : like staying up. *Zzz*

Okay...since I didn't manage to post for yesterday...

Yesterday was the best day that Terensu can ever ask for.
Like, TMNT + Lots of walking around + Books + Good lunch and dinner, with a really cool friend?
What more can I ask for? XD

Thanks for making Friday worthwhile, Bliss. =D

*Keeps memories sealed somewhere in self*
Once again, it's another nice day computer games. =.=
But first, I had to take Sis to the doctor's since her cough was going non-stop for around 3 days.
-Poor Sis-
Then, I came back and rushed Terensu, now a STR Axe Blade-to-be, to around level 20.
Although lunch and dinner was pretty little in terms of dishes....(Fish, veggie, rice), but it was really tasty overall.
Mum really has her ways with dishes.
Other than that, this day was mostly spent with me jumping from FlyFF to O2jam to Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories.


Yes, I know. I'm an extremely boring person when left at home with nothing much to do.

I did try to do a little Math...but...
I got really pissed for not being able to solve quite a few questions.
I went, "Ah, screw it".

So now, I'll try to stay up...*staggers*
Oh, look at the time. I'll go SMS a bit too.

Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Terensu feels : worn out.

Today has been simply wonderful.
The lessons were fun, the teachers were fun, and the walk to Yio Chu Kang stadium was fun too.

...and then it happened.

Maybe it's a curse or something, but we got cheated of 2 rounds worth of endurance because of a fault in the gantry system.
It was a bad idea to be pissed with the gantry. I suggested we continue running. O.o
And so we did. The first two rounds were okay, but then the remaining rounds...

My body simply refused to cooperate. It would be over after this, and it won't cooperate.
Heck, I simply ran and jogged, ran and jogged, sprinted for a few seconds, jogged, and ran. Sigh.

Just hope that the results can amaze me tomorrow, somehow.

Not in the blogging mood,
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Evening.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Terensu feels : even more corroded.

Couples couples couples couples couples...
Of all things I can run into, couples?
Oh well, the world isn't really fair, so Terence, continue corroding, this physical body will happily bid you goodbye.

I have been in combat fantasies lately, and more so after I got my two Taytra axes yesterday. (14 million penya...T_T)
I've been into this 'Hyper jump' start-off for aerial combat. It just seems so elegant, and fun, and........impossible.
The axes got me into this whole new axe craze too. Holding two axes has never been so exhilarating.

So...what else...

I pulled off my 'open one eye' sleeping feat again as Mr. Yu was teaching about the forces of magnetic current. (Or was it magnetic field? Whatever.)
I think I was just too busted out from yesterday to concentrate enough for schoolwork. Dang.

The best joke of the day occurred when Lee Teck and I walked together to Yio Chu Kang station. I was wanting to throw my potato chip packet into the rubbish bin...

Terensu : *Packet gets stuck at the opening*
Terensu : "Oh it's s-" *Knocks head into pillar*
Terensu : "Urgh." *Recoil"
Lee Teck : "Ow!" *Lee teck's head knocked into the back of my head*

We laughed for more than 30 seconds due to that. Delirious, haha.

Riding on the train alone as Lee Teck had to go Hougang, I looked out of the window as usual...while seeing couple after couple after couple...

Oh well. World ain't fair.

As I end this blog, I shall go get my dinner, and then start on the outstanding Math worksheets which I vowed to complete. "Do, or do not, there is no try." Thanks Yoda, I will DO.

Couples couples couples couples...
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Monday, Evening.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Terensu feels : empty, then happy, then empty again.

-A great Happy Birthday to Samantha Yan before I continue on my emo story...XD-

I wake up. I prepared myself for the day. I went out.
While walking at the void deck, I suddenly had a feeling that was never so intense.
It was something that I got used to, and now it turns its back on me.
Loneliness. For a moment I stood there and asked myself, "Why the **** am I all alone? Why?"

All the memories come back. All of them, trying to tear my 'self' out of my physical body, trying to rip me apart.
It quickly succeeds, and after I kind of...'sealed it off temporarily'...I had little 'spirit' left. I felt empty. Empty spaces in the mind, soul and body. Drat.
Why? Why have I always felt so deprived?

I board the train, and the remnants of memories continue to corrode my 'self'.
I was pretty close to breaking down...again. Fragility. Heh.
"Maybe the corrosion will end somehow...", I thought to myself. However, I know that's impossible unless....


*Inside the mind, that 'self' starts to go wild...and streak after streak of energy beams come out from around him...*

It's practically impossible.

Resistance against it is definitely futile.

Self pity is stupid. (Lol.)

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Samantha again. At least your birthday cheered me up somehow.

The corrosion continues...
Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Afternoon.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Terensu feels : emo.

Well, I don't know what to do now. I feel like looking at the sky despite my promise that I'll start on my homework. What the heck am I doing?

I set up a shop today in FlyFF for fun, selling stuff and such. But the title...why did I put that for a title?

"What am I to you?(L/O if ex)(AFK)"

"What am I to you?"

Aww sssiet. My desperation is flying everywhere.

It rained pretty hard yesterday. I wonder whose bad mood caused it. Heh.

I play with WinterDarKnight every weekend now, looking at him hold two swords, and slashing away mercilessly. Dies when getting hit too hard, or by too many monsters.

I like dual-wielding, I scribble away mercilessly for my homework, and sometimes, when people land serious damage on me, I simply break. Why am I such a fragile person?

Every scar brings back memories. Let us all count how many scars we have in our hearts.

Terensu : WinterDarKnight.

Let it Rain.



I'm Terence.
I'm 18.
My birthdate? 8th September.
If you need a friend to listen to you,I'll take the job.

Have fun,



J!@ H@0
Geng An


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