Thursday. Night, Fun.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I walked along the pavement.
I thought of the person who gave me my title of 'WinterDarKnight'.
It started to drizzle.
Coincidence? Maybe.
Then remembered the Cloud scene and got happier.
Myabe I really summoned the rain.
In fact, I got 'taupok'ed by it. By the time I reached school, I was drenched.
Well...not that drenched.
So today started with the ACES workout.
The class was pretty much moving to the beat, but barely with enthusiasm.
Zell was there staring in thin air while dancing. Lol.
Then the Teachers' Day concert began...on a very, very rough note.
The MCs were confused..the atmosphere just wasn't there.
It's just like...'diao'.
Nevermind, the show went on.
Guessing game was pretty much okay, but my fave was the band performance by Adi and his band.
Rock on!
Then it all ended and I headed back to class.
Arranged tables and chairs.
Went back home.
Mapled abit.
Ran errands for Mum, then went out with her to pay some bills.
Now I'm convinced that MapleSEA's community is in very bad shape.
Stupid insolent kiddos who can't respect other maplers.
Next time I see them I'll start summoning Balrogs. I'll see how they can handle.
But no, I'm planning to quit after Pink's wedding, which has been postponed to my birthday (Yay!)
And play TricksterOnline instead. Lol.
Oh well...from here on I was just sleeping while the updates were being done.
1.5GB is hypnosis over time.
Lol work over time. (Some sentence I created to help people remember the formula)
It's almost done, the updates.
Wish that I'll have a kupo time in there.
~8 days~(*cough**cough*)

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, Boring.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Enough...the whole day was slack.
'Sleepy Hollow' was quite nice, though.
Depp you coward! Lol.
So...after school...
Another battle with the rain itself. No umbrellas, no nothing.
Me, Zell and Geng all got drenched before we even got to the station.
Zell made his hair look very wierd, and Geng's hair looked nicer with the extra moisture.
Mine? Still the same old straight hair.
So...waved to the indonesian scholars before we started a series of NG jokes.
No it started even before we got drenched.
NG^2+. Lol.
Nagnesium! Oh nevermind. Oh...oh!!!
So went to LJS to eat more fish.
Yes, I'm gonna get it hard at the lower lip.
It looks like a mini crater. A mini WHITE crater.
I'll die if I eat oranges.
Nevermind. So I headed for home after I finished my lunch...only to realise that I've eaten too much. Haha.
Where's my appetite?
Then thought about body core temperature when I reached the T-junction.
Nope, no shivers. So my core temp. is okay.
Quickly took a nice warm bath before heading for the com.
More mapling! Pink isn't online.
So I went on to rush one level, which means one more to wield a Lionheart! Yay!
And my FishSpear is godly! Why must it work on this spear and not on my Shinkita? Why???? WHY?!?!?!
Oh well. The work of luck? Don't know.'s now:
W.A. 60
W.D(haha work done hahaha) 3
Acc 5
Spd 6 (yes...finally figured it out.)

It's godly. Yea.
~9 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Fine.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Assembly was finally okay in such a long while.
Mother Tongue. We were asked to do some corrections for composition.
English. Watch...I think it was the 'Sleepy Hollow'.
A little Johnny Depp history of movies.
Then...Lit. Got back my paper...
Same old marks as before. I'm stuck at C5?
Then Physics. Today we learnt about this wonderful thing called Power.
And that 1hp = 746W.
Hmm...Bokken has around 2k+ hp. He must be packing a punch there! =D
Speaking of Bokken (Maths was boring so nevermind), today I went back and scrolled the fish spear again.
I still couldn't believe that 2 out of 4 would work when none worked for my shinkita! (10%'s somemore!)
Now...W.A.55, Str bonus 6, W.D.(haha work done hahaha)2, Speed 5, Accuracy 6...(I think I mixed up speed with accuracy, I don't know.)
With 3 slots left. Don't wanna scroll anymore.
Then I went and started whacking monster with this wonderful baby of mine.
At was like...3 digits, which is a norm.
Then I activated the newly enhanced Rage (I leveled).
And guess what?
With 120+9 str, 55+5w.a(rage currently gives +5) and a wee bit of luck, I actually hit 4 digits! No kidding!
Gee...I must really thank someone who taught me to pump Rage first. Thanks!
Err...don't believe? I'll send you a pic if you want.
But my reaction time wasn't fast enough. The pic will show you why.
Then fooled around with DeterminAZN in the Omega Sector...and finally found the pot shop along with all the other shops. In the HQ~! How could I have not known...
Nevermind. Kicked some MT-09 and ChiefGray butt, then went back to BokkenButsu again.
Then Ame came and told me that Pink and Unknown are gonna marry soon.
Well...what can I say? Grats to the couple, and wish them luck despite it being an online relationship.
It IS, you see, a relationship after all. Asiasoft was kind enough to let us experience first-hand what marriage is like...(in...some way or another. My definition of 'marriage' doesn't fit quite well in that game)
Then I asked who's next. Only one knows. Hah!
And Zell better not mess with other people's business again. I'm a machine! A slicing machine!
Slice and dice...haha.
~10 days to go~('It's the final countdown~' My foot. There will be a lot more in the future.)

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Okay.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Today started with...the corridor becoming out-of-bounds.
Oh well...the sec4's are having their exams, but there are still a handful going thru' the area out of convienience.
Mother Tongue. My workbook went missing.
PE. Captain's ball. Had an okay time running around and assisting, but I still don't have the stamina to do continuous sprinting.
Physics. Mr. Tan screwed up but I took the information anyways.
No, stewpeedly. I took it without even questioning. What the heck am I doing?
Lit. Went to the AVT. Pure slack. The slides were pretty though.
Math. More waves.
Chem. Empirical and Molecular formulae. Pretty much okay.
Then went down to L1 to get my marks for Geog Elec.
Passed by a mark. I never studied.
Then went opposite to stone while Zell finished his lunch, then went to buy OreoIceBlend.
More crap.
Came back, did a little Tactics, then went to search for my textbook again. I wonder who would be smart enough to take it.
To the someone/something/whatnot who took my stuff, please return it. You've ruined half of my day, now give it back.
*sigh*...Come to think of seems a little...boring, so to say. I've never had such a crappy day for a long time.
Must be fatigue, definitely.
~11 days to go~(This day shall be remembered for as long as everyday shits happen.)

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fun

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So today, watched abit of GSD and Zatch Bell while having my breakfast.
Fine, more envy.
So...after that I went to start getting my plan yesterday in place.
So I kept on engaging enemies, let my team learn everything useful, and also sent them for dispatch missions for imminent success.
Downside is, that cost me my quests. You see, for me to advance thru' Tactics, I'll have to do quests. But that would hinder my plan to build the perfect team before fighting the stronger opponents.
So more or less my clan funds hovered at the 10k level as funds can only be aqquired by doing quests.
Where do the funds go to? Equipment to help my team master some nice skills.
But halfway thru' it I had to go swimming so I shut down my com. by that time, Lex was already learning skills as a Dragoon, and Shinn a Fighter-Thief, Carrelo a Paladin, Montblanc a BlackMage-TimeMage, Nat a WhiteMage-BlackMage and Sonja a WhiteMage-Elementalist.
But...when I got to the swimming pool, Terence wasn't there. Oh well.
So played around with a few kids, changed, then headed for home.
Bought chicken rice on the way for both Sis and me.
Went back, ate the rice but the chilli was too much, had the orange drink again, then continued with Tactics.
I was still smiling at how Lex's Jump attack became a 'Taupok' joke.
So...continued with all the winnings. Now Nat is finally an Alchemist! But...I'll need Beastmaster abilities for a Sage. Oh well, master alchemist skills first.
Sonja is on her way to be a Sniper, then an Assassin, cause' the Summoner skills can wait.
Shinn's gonna master Steal so I can steal stuff from opponents. Hah!
The Dragoon keeps getting better and better too. With Jump and two out of the three 'Breath' skills mastered, it'll be a little while before I start on the Templar branch.
Yea, so that's all, since my day was spent on Tactics.
But hey, it was an enriching experience. I've never had so much fun with strategy games before.
~12 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, Nothing interesting

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Today...I woke up and found myself still wanting to sleep so I slept some more.
I woke up again. this time I headed for the living room and watched Ash get his Eighth badge : the Rain badge.
It was pretty much the work of strategy. Brock sure is a keen observer of the obvious, with May and Max being the oblivious ones.
Oh Milotic got KO-ed by Pikachu with a Thunder in the water.
Pretty much about the conductivity of electricity.
Didn't know Pikachu had so much strength too...but after it grabbed Milotic by the ears and slammed it into the water, I've changed my opinion of it. Size doesn't matter.
Anyways, grats Ash.
But the game itself is horrid. No physics, no nothing. Just plain fight and take damage. No fun at all.
Oh I got back to mapling, only to boot myself out because of the horrible lag.
Now it's probably a Maple-SingNet problem, cause' I've with checked with other StarHub and Pacific users and they said that they're fine.
Oh well, I'll just have to stop until the matter is solved.
So, without Maple, my Saturday became a terrible drag. Played a bit of Tactics but got bored. Then a little PuyoPopFever but I got tired as well. Wanted to play Diablo II but...nah.
Then comes the final solution : GunBound. least it was relaxing.
Then Sis had to go shopping for a teacher's day present with this friend of hers called Dinah (Lol.)
So we bought lunch and I went home myself, leaving her and her friends to do the present.
Nasi Lemak with fried chicken and luncheon meat. I still coudn't resist.
But I drank this orange drink which reduces heatiness so I should be okay.
The ice was making crackling noises when I added the powder and water and it melted much faster.
Hmm...chemistry? Oh nevermind.
Then more GunBound until I decided to go back on MSN instead.
Zell said that my blogs looked like I was looking for a fight. I don't know.
Played more Tactics...then restarted cause' there were alot of dispatch missions which I've failed.
So now...
Target :
1. Shinn becomes a Fighter-Ninja with DoubleHand first, then DoubleSword.
2. Montblanc becomes a Gunner-TimeMage.
3. Carrelo becomes a Paladin-Fighter.
4. Lex becomes a Templar-Dragoon.
5. Nat becomes an Alchemist-Sage.
6. Sonja becomes a Summoner-Assassin/WhiteMage. (I can't possibly do without a WhiteMage)

So yea.

I've been sending this link for 2 days. It's a video with a great truth.
"Haven't we all.Passed a little bit of gas.Thru' our ass. Doodoodoodoo..."
~13 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Friday, Night, Sad.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Today...urgh...enough of the assembly area I've had enough.
Lessons were still the same old stuff...handed up both Lit and Chinese files (definitely lacking content. Definitely), well, finally.
Nothing much to talk about actually...
Erm...Physics is fun?
So went to the central with Zell and the usual group.
SingEe was complaining, XiaoHui insisting, Geng and Zell going crazy, Jie~ I forgot. I was there laughing at Geng, Zell and SingEe.
We finally decided to go KFC (Yes I wanted to kill myself with more heatiness -.-) but unfortunately the whole place was filled, and Pizza Hut too.(Oh well, I'll kill myself next time?)
Fried carrot cake. The white one.
It must be tiring for the cook to be cooking fried kway teow again and again and again. But he's pretty skilled.
Finished. JieMing, XiaoHui and SingEe were there talking so I followed Geng and Zell.
Since they had to buy cloth for blindfolds I headed for home with the hope that Bokken will be able to level today.
Stewpeed SingNet had to let us all suffer by causing lag.
Last time the lag killed me (Not caused by SingNet) was when I was playing FlyFF. But it has become some sort of a norm since it was imminent death if we lagged anyway.(server side FYI.)
Now Maple. Nevermind. At le4ast I got to 64% before finally getting pissed off and left the game.
Played some stuff on GBA.
FF IV was okay.
Still a weak mastery of 5-colors puyo in PuyoPopFever. Yea I suck.
Tried the DS emulator but it sucked so I deleted it.
I'm still sad over what someone said two days ago.
'Bokkens are overpriced.' Yea, screw all of them. I want one and this happens. Maybe I'll just get half-gloves instead.
But how do you expect me to fight with fists? Oh fine, a little. But I still have more efficiency with swords.
Oh nevermind. I'll only get ridiculed for liking swords. "Oh, whatever!"
Considered spending the money on Maple but figured that it's just a big waste of money and shelved it.
I don't wanna save it, cause' I'll just spend it all.
If only I know what I really want to buy...
~14 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Night, Tired.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today is another beautiful day...
No. I was so tired I wanted to slump back into my bed but decided against it since I won't wake up if i go back there again.
Oh well...went to school with my mouth full of pain. Ulcer, bit tongue. Yea, it was that painful.
Assembly was okay, but the noise level didn't change one bit.
Geog elec. Don't wanna talk about it. It was so-so.
Chem. Yields. Quite easy to absorb. If I could just understand all the mole formula first...hmm...mol = mass x Mr...and...what...oh that's the only one.
English...the Zenobia compre summary thing. Zenobia is one ambitious woman. I salute her. Then went to the library. At first I wanted to continue with my ShadowMoonMaiden drawings but realised that my favourite pencil was left behind. Oh well.
Recess. Ate the usual stuff, and drank some Bandung drink after such a long time. Nice!
Then math. Got back both our papers. E math was horrible with a just-pass. A math...what can I say?
Sure hope I can somehow snap out of it and do math for good. I'm not doing it for money, well, everything revolves around this evil thing called money.
I choose my own path, and no-one and nothing can stop me.
Chinese. Drat. I didn't have my yellow file. I don't wanna file those stuff. But somehow something is compelling me to.
SingEe had a 'period'. From the nose. He bled quite alot. If that were me I would have grown faint just by looking at the blood. I'm not scared, although it's haemophobia. Heck.
CI...physics overall marks.
Is 68 good? Not so sure, but it is definitely something to be happy about. Mr. Tan's lessons helped quite abit.
Then did a simple 'reflection', if you call it one. I forgot what I wrote as well.
Then went back home. Zell was making my head unbearably painful with his 'IQ-down' talk and songs.
Yes, the real talk cock sing song.
That continued until I got out of the train.
Then, what, tried to file for Chinese and Literature but collapsed when the third 'OneWingedAngel' was played.
I was just too tired.
Anyways...Mum's cooking today was pretty nice : Fish, veggie, and lotus root soup which was made with a few hours of work. But the taste was gone from the peanuts. Dang.
Finished filing before Sis came back. Watched abit of the TFKC show. More envy. *sigh*
And I just made a birthday wish. I wish for .
Nobody will get it. Nobody.
~15 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, Tired.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Was close to dozing off again during Math. Haha.
So today was the usual school stuff...
Danced some Indian dance thingy for the upcoming ACES day. How was it? Horrible.
I'm not gonna do anything humiliating. I'm not a girl.
And the dance steps could be more challenging...I know it's for the whole school but...what the heck?
Went on with PE since we did 'well', if you can ever count that dance as well.
Catching! Brings back memories...
But my stamina sucked. I had to rest every once in a while.
I was like sliding on the floor since my shoe was wearing out.
And I didn't know that my knee was grazed until I bent down to look at it.
It didn't hurt one bit so I'm fine. SingEe asked me to wash the wound but...cmon, haven't I been like this all this while? I didn't feel a need to do it.
Then, the lessons.
EFL. RJC came to give us a speech. It was a rare moment...the principal actually has such authority. The whole hall was quiet when he was speaking. (Didn't hear he the P?)
After school...went opposite to eat again...then had more Oreo IceBlend.
Like, cmon Terence, you're suffering from heatiness and you're still happily consuming such stuff?
Don't really care.
Finished off the portfolio. Somehow I didn't wanna part with actually kept me awake when I was starting to doze off during Math. Interesting information keeps me going.
Then went back home with Geng An. Had a talk over the chalet at the end of the year, and PuyoPopFever.
If there is a chalet for 3/4 this year I'll definitely be going. I'll go unlock all the characters for him and start owning with Carbuncle. Haha. (Nah, I'm okay with any character, but my skills needs honing.)
And there was nothing about the 2/4 05' chalet. What's happening? Are we going or what? Oh nevermind.
Went back to play PuyoPopFever since my interest was aroused.
Then, what, dinner with sis?
And...preparing for the Chinese file and such.
So my day ends with me sleeping in bed!
~16 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Sleepy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today, I started dozing off right after Chinese.
First in English lessons. I was trying to stay awake having one eye open.
Then in Lit. While trying to listen to all the important info which just couldn't get into my head.
In Physics, too. I was feeling so drained.
Oh least I now know that I passed E math and failed A.
I wanna pass both!!! ><
Oh well...
Then went to eat opposite since SisV2 has Bio extra lessons.
More chicken rice goodness.
Then went back home to rush another level for Bokken, hoping that I'll have enough time for my other things before my body fails me.
As in...sleep, not die. I really wish to die but naturally.
So, unexpectedly, leveled to 32 even before my sister came back from school.
Sure hope I'll get a maxed Rage's such a useful skill.
But I did get angry once or twice in the game...stewpeed people who can't show this teeny bit of respect for other maplers.
I wanna say something nasty but nah, it's a norm anyway.
So, got out, edited some more for the portfolio thingy, did the contents page (I'll have to edit some more when I go back to school, maybe.), chatted with a few people, and I forgot how to make blood.
Rose syrup in peanut butter in water? I'm not too sure. Since Dee asked me then it must be something important, for this case a play of Romeo and Juliet. (I think...)
$2.50 more to my savings...hope I'll make full use of these days to start saving up seriously...I can't afford good quality stuff with what little money I have, anyway.
~17 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Happy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

So today...even more noise from the assembly area!
Mrs. Koh mumbling to herself...annoying chattering...the slow tempo anthem and school song..."Start the day on a good note"? Very funny!
And then comes the 'announcement' that Ms. Sim is my neighbour. It's somehow something to be happy about given that I can can get free tution and all~ wait, did she move here recently or...
I don't know nothing.
And...NG!!! Haha, more jokes from Geng. Must be because of the fact that the classroom is whole again! Yay!
Then...SS. PM. Lee has a point, TanSingEe has a point, everyone has a point, even silly me. But I think that getting foreign talent without paper qualifications is good. A piece of certificate doesn't really render you as a 'Pro' anyways.
Physics. Did the few questions written on the board since Mr. Tan was busy with stuff. I realised that I've totally forgot about Potential and Kinetic energy. Heck, I'll get the info back.
Recess. The menu is beautified.
Math. Too noisy, cannot concentrate. Ms. Yeo was angry with us as well.
Chemistry!!! Got back my papers and...erm...the marks were so-so.
But I found bits of marks not given here and there... No, it's just 2 marks.
At least it is 2 marks.
Went back home with a serious stomachache.
Then mapled without taking a bath.
Taught Sis how to cook noodles while I PQ-ed. Such an independent girl, I'm a total failure.
Anyways, leveled during my final PQ for Kerning.
More Rage!!! Yay!!!
And my damages were insane...I totally PWNED the King Slime without breaking so much as a sweat.
And I led the team despite the leader being someone else. =)
Then...played abit more before coming out to blog about today!
~18 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Fun.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Today was planned.....
0340 : I off my com after attaining one more lvl.
1200 : I woke up and regretted not telling Sis to wake me up, cause i wanna get to lvl30 by today.
1218 : Watched abit of Sylvester and Tweety with Sis, then went to switch on my com.
1420 : Went to buy lunch with Sis.
approx. 1500 : Continued with Maple until 69%
1605 : Then got angry with Sis cause' she didn't look at the time. I wanted her to remind me to get ready for swimming at 1555.
1640 : Reached YCK.
approx. 1800 : Headed for home.
approx. 1900 : Bumped into our Chinese teacher. Didn't know that she lives so near me! What a coincidence!
1905 : Reached the doorstep.
1910 : Continued Mapling.
2030 : Lvl30!!! First time I attained lvl30 for a warrior.
2041 : Fighter! First time too.
Then...stuff happened. I'm just too lazy these days.
~19 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Saturday. Night, Okay

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My day was spent just like that on mapling.
I went thru' hell training on BokkenButsu and from 25 he went 26, 27, 28! In just one day!
During that time I went to the fm two times and left a little disappointed. Oh well.
And one of the bubblings generously gave me a wooden samurai sword to play around with. How nice.
And a whole load of red apprentice hats and battle axes from them too.
My funds only raised by a little since I was going all out on pots. But that's how a chiongster is so yea.
And today was ruined by someone and saved by someone else.
I do not wish to elaborate cause' it brings back the sad past of me being in 3/4.
Now I hate betrayers, acidmouths, backstabbers and liars.
I really hate them now, and I sure hope that I won't have anything much to do with them besides being friends.
Cause' I really hate them.
The day was saved by my maple son ( mum.). Just talking to him soothes my mind, I don't know why. Haha.
Maybe it's because he's nice to talk with and he's below 10. MOST teens and adults piss me off. I said MOST so don't probe.
And to the two people who ruined my day, i have no reason to be angry.
To the person who got caught in it, I apologise.
I'm not gonna say any mean things since my mean self was shot dead by a 'You're creepy.'
And I don't wanna see any of this crap on the tagboard or I'll start killing people.
Oh crap, I really do need anger management.
Oh well, I'll better get ready for supplementary swimming lessons tomorrow afternoon and my chionging to lvl30 before I go swimming.
Sure hope the telephone wire STAYS there. Or else my plan will fail.
And my savings better stay where it is. I shan't be tempted to spend it yet.
Yea, it's much better being a child. Adults just can't understand the purity of childishness.
~20 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Friday, Evening, Soso.

Friday, August 18, 2006

So the day started with a lousy assembly.
They never fail to shut up.
And Mr. Ang turned logic into an insult.
"You're quiet because you're thinking as one." What kind of crap is that? The others kept quiet only because you were looking more angry than before. Yea, next time look angrier so you can make my assembly a really peaceful and not a PISSful one.
And yea. For that morning I was particularly hostile. Been shooting at people maybe because of my lip. But heck, it shouldn't be affecting me much, so i wonder what's the problem.
Lessons were quite fun. Mr. Leow made my day by teaching us Chemistry. I really like Chemistry (Depending on which chemistry you're talking about, but it's both.)
Then SS. Ms. Zaleha gave us a free period since we all asked for it. So me and Geng An drew a really cute(maybe?) girl with a nice figure and nice hair? i don't know.
At first we drew some really sick stuff but it went on well.
Then Zell was there obsessed with his name and so I designed a stewpeed one for him. Then drew Pikachu on his paper and he censored the private part which wasn't supposed to be there.
Then Maths. Kinematics was easy to grasp but I was using simple ethods to solve problems.
Skipped recess to listen to songs.
Then got back physics paper.
It was ok.
Then went to the hawker centre in the central and ate chicken cutlet despite that lip. But I couldn' resist, and it definitely tastes good.
The recommended sugar cane juice with lemon is really nice.
Then crapped abit before going home.
Rushed 2 levels for Bokken. 1 more after this.
And I feel really weak...maybe because of the added-up heatiness.
Oh well. At least it's a weekend tomorrow.
~21 days to go!~

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Night, Enjoyable

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So today ended with a pretty funny Geog Elective remedial.
Still cannot forget how pissed the Chinese teacher was. Scary. Are women all that scary? Haha.
So...more Oreo Ice blend, and hence more lip pain.
The lower lip felt as if biting on it again could cause severe was so dry!
Walked past people holding hands...Yes more envy -.-
Heck. I went home alone and ate some pretty nice lunch.
Mum's cooking improved just by using her brains! =D
Anyways...went online for awhile before heading for swimming lessons at around 5.30pm.
When I got there, Jolene already came all the way from Temasek JC to sleep here.
Oh well...
Then Terence came and so I went to talk with him and Darren.(Both my coaches)
It was funny how they were threatening Qibin and company that if they weren't coming soon they'll have to do butterflies.
And I said that they'll come at around 7.
And they did.
But before that it was warm-up with 6 rounds of freestyle.
And , as usual, continuous for me...although there was a little too many people and I had to stop to avoid accidentally touching people. What's there to touch anyway? (*everytime we touch...???*)
No sweat at all! Hehe.
And my drowsiness was gone with that 6 rounds. I was all pumped up and ready to go. Then went for a time trail of non-contact towing.
Although that stubborn button won't come off, I still went fast and clocked a....3 minute and somewhere less than 10 seconds.
Coulda' been 2 minutes plus if not for the stewpeed buttons of the stewpeed pyjamas.
Heck. Then contact tow. Think I failed time trail for that one...gonna go faster next time.
Then...CPR. I finally clarified thing with Terence and I shall do a quick re-cap...
1. AFTER THE GETTING VICTIM ONTO LAND, thumb-jaw-lift to check for foreign objects that may be obstructing the airway. Clear if any.
2. Head tilt, chin lift. Check for breathing. 7 seconds.
-since this is BM the tester would say 'Breathing Absent.'-
3. Breathing absent. Give victim two initial blows to the lungs (21% in...17% out...I will never forget)
4. Check for pulse. Also 7 seconds.
-tester would say 'Pulse Absent.' and if this was LIVE I would actually panic.-
5. Pulse is absent! Commence CPR. Middle finger along the last rib and locate sternum. Then carry on with 30 compressions.
6. Two quick puffs to the lungs. Commence second cycle of CPR.
7. But this time, two quick blows to the lungs, then check for breathing and pulse.
-by this time the tester would say 'Breathing Absent, Pulse present.' Yes, it's that long.-
8. Breathing absent? Commence EAR. If both breathing and pulse are present, set victim in recovery position and stay by his/her side.
9. The ambulance should be at the site by now. If not, curse passer-bys who don't call 995 when I called for help. =)
Yay...I remembered! =)
~22 days to go!!!~

Let it Rain.

Wednesday , Evening, Weak.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today...more tests!
Geog Elective was okay...but I was a retard.
SocialStudies...I don't know. Maybe I'll pass?
Then...English. More ChickenSoup. And I'd have to do it after dinner or else I'll die. Yes, die.
Math. Change of seats.
Many people were complaining...either because they won't be able to see or they totally dislike the person they're gonna sit with.
A : "But I don't wanna sit with B!!!"
B : "Don't sit then don't sit lah!!!"
A : "Shut up lah B!!!"

Or something like that. If my horrible memory hasn't failed me.
EFL. The noise was terrible.
The talk was on peer pressure...which is maybe something the people already know. But at least show some freaking respect?
Then went back to class and waited for SingEe and JieMing to finish their Bio practical.
And after such a long time I got so tired and slept with my CD player playing. ('Long time' as in WEEKS.)
It's probably because I was growing very weak due to my possible over-heatiness.
Oh well...managed to pull thru' and sat opposite while waiting for them to finish their lunch. I wasn't hungry.
Then Jia Hao went 'Christine.' and she went into the car. I didn't notice. I was feeling weak remember?
Then went back, did some homework, played more tactics.
And yea...gonna do that review after dinner!
~23 days to go!~

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Ow.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So...I bit my lip yesterday and got this ulcer that is really a pain.
Heck, I couldn't even drink water without wincing a little.
So the day started with more songs...dang the CD player ran out of battery.
Oh well.
Then...went along with the usual lessons...Chinese was okay...
English. We went to the library to get a book for a book review.
Ms Sharmilah thought I had a girlfriend when I was just intrigued by 'Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul'. I mean...come on...everyone knows that I'm single...right? There was just something interesting about that book that I wanna read up on.
Love. Second to none. (Fine...I like both love and sex...happy?)
I couldn't help dozing off...I was trying very hard to keep one eye opened instead. the book again.
Physics. Joules/Juice/Jews. Lol. (I've said this before? Haha)
Math. A math test.
Probably made a little too many careless mistakes...*sigh*
Oh least it was easier than the other A math paper I had before.
Then went opposite for chicken rice and Oreo Ice Blended.
It was a bad idea to buy the ice blended. Now my ulcers hurt even more.
Then...played. (Too lazy to elaborate. I'm out of Juice/Joules/Jews. No offense meant.)

Let it Rain.

Monday, Evening, Normal.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So...a small portion of 3/4rians went for OBS today.
So! First lesson, Chinese, where a continuation of a previous test commenced.
It was just summarising, but I'm not confident enough that I'll pass. I mean, who else will think that they'll pass when their past tests were a total disaster?
Oh well.
And to make things worst, my favourite lesson was cancelled.
PE damnit! *Punches wall*
Oh well...the teachers went for OBS so we cannot do anything about it. I found no reason to complain and hey, at least it was a free lesson.
Then physics. We learned that a nuclear bomb is your best friend...I mean that potential energy can change to other forms of energy but can neither be created nor destroyed as we are limited by our own weakness.
Stewpeed body...Oh well.
Recess. More curry rice with chilli sausage and hash brown. Tastes as good as before.
Literature. Another test. I'm not gonna complain so i shan't even attempt to elaborate.
Math! The test which is rumoured to be 'no kick' at all didn't kick me in the face! Huzzah!
But yea, 'no kick', somehow.
Then chemistry. I became a Statue of Li- no Stewpeedity as I forgot to do the homework.
Oh least I can still stand and barely listen to the lesson with my suffering head.
Just some simple molar mass and mol and percentile and all those stuff.
Then went opposite and sat there before choking on my own HCL. Ouch.
Home! Bathe! It's wonderful.
Then...more tactics!
I've got to get the Bangaa to learn Doublehand. DarKnight did 100+ damage with that support skill. Almost to the point of a OHK(One hit kill). but once I get some special weapon I'll get DarK to toss aside Doublehand and learn DoubleSword instead. Hah!
Oh well...time for dinner...soon? Yea soon.
~25 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Evening, Fair.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I can only blog now since I came back at 11.50+pm yesterday.
So anyway...yesterday wasn't much fun than I thought it would.
I went in a group of 8 including me, then headed for the building...which building? Nevermind. It was just somewhere near City Hall.
Didn't get to see. Since I couldn't fly, and the amount of people there is enough to make the air extremely stuffy.
Oh well, at least I got to hear the fireworks, and watch part of the Tamiya model competition.
So...a bunch of complainings, laughter, and walking followed after that. I tried to be alive but failed. Heck.
It was just plain boring.
Then boarded the train, all the way back to Woodlands.
Then bought IceLemonTea and finished it before i even reached the t-junction.
Yes, I was THAT thirsty.

It's crap.
Boring, tiring, and frustrating.
Uninteresting too.
And...what? No more?

~26 days to go~

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Before the fireworks.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nothing translation of the second opening of GetBackers, 'Barairo no Sekai' by Pierrot.

The possibility you've lost sight of
waits for you at the end of the pain you bear.
you'll soon forget your tears,
and be taken with a new pleasure.

the story of a history aiming towards destruction
it's not all that scary when we're together.

the desperate world is even now struggling for its survival
surely you can make the hopeless scenery seem rose-colored,
with the right attitude.

In every age, there seem to be answers,
but in fact there are no answers.

the story of a history aiming towards destruction.
if you don't let go of my hand, it's not all that scary.
the desperate world is even now struggling for its survival
surely we can make the scenery we should have long ago given up on
seem rose colored with the right thinking.

the story of history aiming towards destruction,
if it'll bring you to your senses, shall I bend it for you?*1

This desperate world is even now,
on the verge of ending, but doesn't end.
surely the scenery we'd started to give up on,
will seem rose colored if we're together.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma


kimi ga seou itami no hate ni ha
miushinatteita kanousei ga matteite
namida mo sugu ni wasureteshimatte
atarashii kairaku ni oboreru mon sa

hametsu wo mezasu rekishi no suto-ri-
kimi to futari naraba
sorehodo kowaku ha nai

zetsubouteki na sekai ha ima mo
ikinobiyou to agakitsuzukeru yo
sukui you no nai keshiki mo kitto
ayatsuriyou de barairo ni mieru

kotae nante itsu no jidai demo
aru you de hontou ha nai you na mon de

hametsu wo mezasu rekishi no suto-ri-
te wo hanasanakereba
sorehodo kowaku ha nai

zetsubouteki na sekai ha ima mo
ikinobiyou to agakitsuzukeru yo
miakita hazu no keshiki mo kitto
kangaeyou de barairo ni mieru

hametsu wo mezasu rekishi no suto-ri-
kimi wo mezamesaseru nara
nejimageyou ka?

zetsubouteki na sekai ha ima mo
owarisou de owaranai de iru yo
akiramekaketa keshiki mo kitto
futari de nara barairo ni mieru

Romaji By: Brian Stewart

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Night, Happy.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So the headache continued as I played more Tactics.
Gee, can't I ever play a strategy game without these complications?
Oh never mind. So ate abit before going for swimming.
Nothing much today. Just a few timed non-contact tows.
And since my partner got a cramp my contact tow was skipped. Oh well.
Then watched the others do the CPR procedures again, just to do a little recap.
Hmm...Dr.ABC...2 cycles of 30 compressions...
I've gotten quite used to the new syllabus, cause the earlier versions require 4 cycles of 15 compressions.
As usual, YiWen had to be 'knocked down' again cause he just cannot remember.
QiBin too, so funny. XD.
Terence, our coach, was downright pissed. I pity him.
But still...patience is the key.
Watched them crap around with him too. It's funny.
Headache worsened during the start of the lesson as I went for 6 laps of continuous freestyle, but subsided when it all ended.
The stamina's still there. Heh.
Then listened to the 4th job KMS convo between QiBin and his cousins.
It's interesting how much damage a 4th job 'Night Road' (that's the title I saw a long time ago, not sure about the future) can do. 20k?!? It's alot!
Then went back home. =)

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, Killed by my head.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As was a total bore, so I decided to rack more of my brains at FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance.
So off I went...defeating alot of enemies with my side having extremely slight injuries thanks to my white mage (cleric -.-), myself (a soldier in the game), and 4 others.
Then, kept getting them to change jobs so I can get nice characters...currently having a fighter, a paladin, a time mage, and a red mage who is in jail cause of my stewpeedity.
I didn't know fencers use rapiers, until now.
Stupid law changing Mewt who forbid rapiers right at that very day!
Just my luck for being so stewpeed.
So...watched abit of the NDP on TV.
It's okay but overall the only thing that is interesting is the PDS.
No wonder Zell was hopelessly trying to spin that wooden pole that time. What a slam!
Then mapled abit...rushed 2 levels for Butsu.
Got bullied. t's normal.
Then went for more tactics.
In the end I busted my brains and now it hurts abit.
Heck. It was fun, and it might just help me on getting used to strategy games again.
Okay done. Told you my day was horribly uninteresting.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Fine

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today was mildly enjoyable and a little disappointing.
More songs before school started, as usual.
'Psychedelic lover' is still a nice song to listen to...It's been in my playlist for quite a long time.
And abit of 'God knows' from Hirano Aya. Nice vocalist.
And I was wearing this long sleeve red shirt with a pair of sickeningly uncomfortable jeans.
Heck, that was my only pair.
So...the National Day celebration started and ended poorly...
I liked the merlion part XD.
Look at the guy with all that BOOBIE...I mean balloons in the shirt.
And as expected some sprayed water thru' their mouths...what a classic.
Then went for CIP.
Wonderfully boring.
All our base were belong to them. The previous collectors that is, and some from 3/5 came and had their share.
I merely carried this little bit of newspaper.
Then played with the monkey bars. Poor hands.
Then more assisting...then started jumping and trying to touch the basketball ring.
We were dismissed after the truck came and took them away.
Alot of the 2/4 people would agree with me that last year was much more enjoyable.
Oh well...went to the arcade with XiaoHui, JieMing, SingEe and Zell.
So engrossed with the 'taupok' song. Lol.
Then 'taupok' turned into the couple having a really good time behind our backs.
SingEe didn't have a pair of pants so they went to buy him one while Zell and me watched the Initial D racers, the beatmania V player, the hoop-shooters, and more crap.
When they finally returned, two of them went to shoot hoops while we watched.
Quality time. -.-
Then played abit of Daytona. I'm a noob with the gears.
Then Initial D...this is where I enjoyed it...most.
Went thru' the Akina map once as I always did before. It goes back a long way.
Then SingEe lost to me twice, both with boost on.
Why can't people just play without that stupid boost?
Then comes a guy who wanted to challenge me...and of course I accept, although my skills are not up to mark I wanted to play for heck anyways.
First the second map. I'm definitely a totally different player than when I'm just fooling around.
Then...he got pissed? Don't know, but he challenge me to a race thru' the 'oh i forgot that map's name'.
Won him when I so-called skillfully did a hairpin turn. I thought his car's butt would be at my front for the whole thing, cause the road was narrow and he had higher initial acceleration.
And it was an AE86. =.=
Then...someone else it's a lvl 15 FD35.
...LVL15?!? Die.
3rd map for sure, cause that's the car's homeground.
Started with my Impreza behind him...didn't really mind.
But...despite his 'blue fire' he seemed to be just in par with me in terms of skills.
In the end he won anyways cause he was blocking my way and I keep losing speed cause of that. Oh well.
Zell and I headed for the MRT station leaving the other three to enjoy themselves.
Byebye, sea of white, blue and red!

Let it Rain.

Monday, Night, Happy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Today started with...more noise from the assembly area!!!
Too bad Zell's Silence didn't work and I couldn't cast the spell itself.
How I wished this world is full of stuff like magic and monsters -.-
Heck, it's screwed anyways.
Anyways...Chemistry test today...I still haven't figured out what forms white precipitates and what doesn't.
Heck about the test.
And for the legendary 6-mark question...
People actually bombarded that question with answers like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide blahblahblah.
Got a helluva laugh from Geng An, thanks man!
And after that...fooled around on Maple again...
Channel 18 fm 18. Someone would know what I mean =).
Anyways it was stupid so I shan't elaborate.
The moon is orange today...finally.

Let it Rain.

Sunday, Night, Okay

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yet another day spent aimlessly...*sigh*
I'm so lazy I can stay in bed forever...but no...I just wake up, watch TV, and start the com going again for the gazillionth time!
I know this world is screwed's about time I enjoyed life while it lasted. Lol.
So...4 levels for BokkenButsu...and there he is holding his two-handed sword.
I 'm's usually this point of time where my determination to make a fighter vanishes...*sigh*
Sure hope that I'll pull thru' somehow.
Oh heck.
Anyways...the guild was quite inactive today and I thought that maybe it's because of the fact that today's family day or pure laziness.Either way, more pindrop silence from the guild. Huzzah...-.-
And I played someone's assassin today and realised how my perspective for things is so limited.
Oh least I got one of my flaws identified.
I still ain't looking forward to National Day. The first time I went there, it was horrible.
But heck, it's still a prestigious event.
And while whacking cute orange mushrooms I saw this megaphone message calling for this somebody to 'marry' him and she agreed.
I'm envious~~~~~~
But it's sweet. I wish them happiness...although my dark self say that it won't be forever.
Oh isn't forever as well!
But yea...somehow I wish for it to happen soon...wherever she is.
Heck, I'll wait. Only despos 'hunt'.

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, So-so

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today...was plain slack.
I couldn't get out of bed until around 11+, then watched a little TV.
Breakfast....then a little Diablo II.
Then mapled abit.
I feel like quitting actually...bandits are really costly indeed.
Oh well...enough frustration about it.
Oh dang...nothing much to write about...except that I'm thinking about a story inspired by someone a long time ago.
The content keeps changing so I couldn't get it down on paper. Oh well...perhaps one day it will be.
And before I forget, happy birthday Christine.
Must be a happy day XD.

Let it Rain.

Friday, Afternoon, Sleepy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The much awaited last day for this week!
So today started with a few songs...more MyChemicalRomance. And the insect trick by Geng An.
It's nice using a non-insect to scare people who are afraid of insects XD.
So...Mr.Leow wasn't scared at all. Lol.
Only Ms. Zaleha and Ms.Yeo got scared. Haha.
But it wasn't really amusing anyway...cause today got show and tell...then got last-minute nervousness...but I curbed it anyway.
It was smooth flowing...but we took quite abit of time.
Then Physics lesson had abit of overrun cause of us.
It is our fault. I apologise.
Then...had lunch with Geng and Zell( and headed home to help QiBin work on his k4daj.
Congratulations to this third-jobber...I'm still stuck at 52. Lol.
Then felt like sleeping...but today will be a waste if I sleep. Oh well.
Now I shall go play Dibalo II.

Let it Rain.

Thursday, Night, Okay.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally got to have a Bronze Medallion lesson today.
And got the test stuff.
Basically it's just CPR and all the stuff I've learnt in Lifesaving 1,2 and 3.
And I always forgot to do 2 blows after the 'check for breathing' part. Then got knocked down 10. Lol.
And school wasn't much today...Chemistry practical was a disaster, english functional writing wasn't too bad...the chinese paper was okay, although i wanted to sleep while I was reading the uber long passage.
And I'm engrossed with songs by MyChemicalRomance.
Although they're emo...they have pretty nice songs...since I like death anyways lol.
No the songs aren't as bad as you think.
It's rock. I'm gonna do up the last bits for my show and tell tomorrow.
Hope you guys are interested's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
And long winded stories and super short 'summaries'.
So stay tuned.

Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, Depressed.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just blogging again to relieve some long-contained frustration.

I see some teen smoking and I feel angry.
I see my chemistry notes and got angrier.
I remember a recent chat and started punching my pillow.
All the hatred...rushing thru' my mind.
The world is screwed, our lives are screwed, my life is screwed.
This has been haunting me for ages but I've never wanted to confront it nor stand beside it.
It is part of me. But I just cannot fight it alone.
Frustration. Anger. Chaos. Wars.
The foolish minds of humans.
I keep being attacked by those thoughts...everyday...hopelessly thinking that there might be some good in tomorrow.
Maybe...but maybe i've seen and read too much of pure, dominating, hatred.
Now I know how Hao feels...he needed that power for a reason.
And not because that things weren't going well for him.
This power...I seek it too...but no.
I cannot.
I, as a mere human, would get devoured by it instead.
A hopeless human.
A dying planet.
A f-ed up life.
(sorry i'm just plain frustrated.)

Let it Rain.

Yet another day!
Test during the first lesson...I didn't read up.
In the end I forgot to say more about the relief features of the area bounded by some easting and northing which I forgot. Stupid me.
Then the rest of the day was pure...slack.
Louis gave me the 'Play disk'. Finally!
Met Vernon and Sing Ee opposite while following Jia Hao since he wanted to eat.
Then crapped about the many scandals made up by some of the 2/4 05' people.
You Pk'ed me, Jia Hao. Oh well.
Then bought Strawberry Green Milk Tea on the way to the MRT station.
Nope, it's not an addiction.
Jia Hao talked about NDP again...and I concluded that the theme song is definitely not going to survive in my media player playlist.
Some songs can actually survive my 'Endless Loop' test. Lol.
Then walked back home thinking about birthdays...and birthday presents...and this Sunday.
Oh hell this Sunday.
Heck. I came back home, changed into some clothes, took my bag back to the room (Man the bag has grown lighter), and started the com in the sheer hope that nothing can go wrong while installing.
First time, it was some error called something like Access something something c000005 (I forgot how many 0's.)
Kay...fine...I went to see what can be done.
Then, restarted the com, reinstalled the game together with the Expansion Set, and did something else. (It's a spoiler? Haha.)
Then the game worked perfectly.
The graphics were oh so cool.
RPG's are the best, second to PuyoPopFever anyway XD.
And tomorrow...I shall die if I don't revise on the cations and anions.
So yea. Tomorrow will be great anyway.

Let it Rain.

Tuesday, Night, Tiring.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today...It was...okay.
The physics practical was probably messed up. I was having fun...haha.
And for Lit...most of the people went to see the cats, even Sis went to see the 'cute' furballs.
What a harsh resemblence!
My real Sis also goes 'kitty!' when she sees one.
Oh well...same species? Lol.
Then had recess...
-Fast Forward-
Finished remedial.
Then as a 'follow'er i went along with Geng An and a few others to buy a present for Lyana as she's turning 15 tomorrow.
I didn't want to take the bus as my EZ-link has ran out of cash and I had to borrow $0.60 from Geng.
So...went to the MRT station and then to Bishan. Yes, Junction8.
I could have sworn I walked non-stop for around an hour plus or so.
Well...I don't really mind as I was just looking around and looking at stuff that caught my eye.
The Flobber Balls were just plain Puyos. Lack of originality. Heck.
And then saw a few young sadists playing 'Hitman'. When I first reached the Xbox 360 the first thing I see is them dragging bodies 'taupok'ing each other. Hilarious.
Then Geng wanted to try but I got a feeling that they've left and we went back to look for em.
I was terribly famished and tired at the end of all this...I barely talked a bit on the MRT.
In the end Samantha bought a card for Pimrapee as she's going to Chicago to study in 8 days time.
Good luck Pim.
And as for the present...who am I to reveal a spoiler?

Let it Rain.



I'm Terence.
I'm 18.
My birthdate? 8th September.
If you need a friend to listen to you,I'll take the job.

Have fun,



J!@ H@0
Geng An


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