Sunday, Night, Sets me thinking.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kyon! Ponytails turn him on!

Yea, so later today I watched the remaining episodes of 'The sorrows of Suzumiya Haruhi' while still trying to figure out what the story wa about. It's about Suzumiya actually, a girl who has the power to change the world.

Heck. I shan't say that much. Watch it yourself. So...I watched and watched. I thought it was over when I finished the 12th episode, only to find out that I missed out the other 2, cause' I thought that the concert was all. So anyway...I watched until all the way to the last episode. My, was it the best out of all the episodes I've watched so far. The scene that totally got me was the one where Kyon held Suzumiya and said, "Actually...ponytails turn me on.". And he started kissing her. Then the 'closed space' started to disappear. Like wow you really should have seen that was pretty darn sweet!

Bah, that's all. O.o


Okay fine ponytails turn me on too. *Signed off*

Let it Rain.

Remorseful that I haven't been posting these few wtf...I've been playing PSOR, being on forums, playing Rakion, and basically doing nothing...well...except doing homework, which is irregular, but hey, at least I do it.

So...where should I start with, since I have like so much time to spare?

Well...there's the 2/4 chalet quite a few blogs mentioned. It was the best chalet yet...wait...I've only been to one chalet before this. Damn. one. Actually it doesn't count as a full day, but it doesn't matter much. Woke up, had breakfast...err...I even forgot what I ate for breakfast....oh...I was eating noodles...wait that's lunch. Heck. Anyways...I ate fried noodles that Mum cooked while chatting with Zell and Siva on MSN about the meeting later on for that day.

Mum's cooking is always the best...oh let's not get to it.

So Zell, Siva and I decided to meet at the Yishun station at 2pm. And so I set off with chucking in my bag the other stuff which I forgot to bring, and set off, knowing that in a blink of an eye it would be all over. Well...yea it's over! LMAO! Met Zell at my chance? Or was he waiting? I don't know. Then chatted with him on the train and we kinda strayed to this garden...oops! I didn't say anything! We arrived in Yishun where we couldn't find Siva. =.=
And so we waited and waited. Zell was there complaining about his work at Mac' he ended up with a sore arm...and how 'generous' Mac's can get. Nevermind. So Siva came and we headed for Long John's for some chow. We were all talking about the teachers, the ones we disappointed, and the ones we totally hate. We talked about the brains going down to the boobs, and the teachers who were disgustingly sexist. After we finished our food we waited for Siva as he runs along to pick up his Monopoly game. But it turns out that the game was as boring as when I first played it when I see some people play it on day 2. Wait let's not get to that yet.
And so we got on the train and chatted merrily all the way until Tanah Merah, where we were in for some crap.
None was there except 2 guys and a Hardgay. Yea I'm a Hardgay wannabe lol nevermind. So we took a cab to the chalet...hey wait a minute it was the same place? Oh okay. And it was like...$5.50 for the taxi fare if I'm not wrong...was it $5.50? Anyway, we walked till we found chalet block 29 where we heard this familiar voice called *WashYourFeetBeforeYouComeIn*.
No it was Samantha. I remember how often I heard her in last year's was kinda chaotic as far as I can remember. So I settled myself down...played this game called Murderer where the murderer winks at people to kill them, while the detective must use his wits to ID the murderer. Oh did I forget to say that Christine cut her hair? Like boy she looks better with long hair =\. Nevermind. I suck as a detective cause' I was blind, and I acted stupid as a murderer. Like, it's too obvious that I'm the murderer when I talk to Zell and he dies...haha.
After that they all went out to play while I sit down on the sofa and enjoying the peace, no wait I was listening to my music. So I was there playing Solitaire for more than half and hour before Vernon and a few others came back. Then I think and few of us watched TV while dinner is being made. And I took a look at what would go into my stomach...pasta with spaghetti and sour cream. Nice. So I ate my share while being amused by the knights. They were like eating theirs from a mixing bowl. Haha.
Okay! My memories went all blurry as I drift off to sleep at 1, woke up a 2, and stayed awake all the way. Oh it's day two already by the way. But the watching of the sunrise still failed. I was so disappointed that I...did nothing. Like what can I do to a bunch of tired people? So yea. Morning...I skipped breakfast as I ate Mac's already, then went to tag along with Yihan, Zell and Lingling to play pool but alas...the place won't be open until noon. So we went back and I watched TV and dozing off at the same time due to fatigue. I was really starting to fall apart.
Then Tv...Tv...more Tv...there were a couple of nice songs on MTV, my fave was 'Nothing in your way' by Keane. I just can't get the song off my head. And I realised that alot of women MTVs are crap, they just seduce people and make guys horny. Like...any guy who sees them like...doing those poses, would get horny, no qestion asked. Heck.
Then Yihan asked me to help him with the preparation of the BBQ fire. Well frankly I was just there doing 'odd jobs' for them but the fire won't start up. Siva saw something funny, so he said that the reason why the fire doesn't start is because we were using Cock Brand Fire Starters. It was the joke of the day man! Then I went to play a bit of Captain's ball...hey wait I played it on day 1. Yea, I owned on day 1, and got owned the next. They're too fast for me. Oh well...then ate some barely cooked BBQ, then went to see a bunch of people go bowling.
Zell sucks. But his 'pure' mind got him a 4th place. Zhiwei has one of the most random balls, and Lingling was a powerbomb! Lol as if I could play that well =.=.
Oh well...went back to bathe and then play murderer, this time Manting added this 'doctor' feature which revives the dead. But...isn't that supposed to be a Priest already? Nevermind.
I enjoyed holding Zhiwei's hand. It was...small and boney, but boy did her 'pulse' hurt...well...not that much. I was really enjoying it when I played murderer, I was like killing 2 at a time without the detective knowing that it was me! XD.
Oh the game went all the way downstairs as the floor needs mopping, and my energy also went down with it. I went to sleep at around 2am after Xinru/Zhiwei said that I was already nodding away...haha Noddy.
I woke up at 6+ feeling all shagged but I went to watch the sunrise with Zell, KiaWoon and Zhiwei. Like wtf only the 4 of us? Heck. I was being all quiet and stuff, enduring the painful minutes of doom watching the bloody clouds that covered the sun. Damn it. Zell's hopes were dashed yet again. So...brushed teeth, packed up, and left for the bus stop at 10.15am. Then watched them play badminton. Oh I remember whacking two shuttle cocks onto a roof. I was really bad at it. Then the bus came. And then the Mrt. And finally the hated goodbyes. I knew it was gonna end like this. Then I finally ate at Long John's and went home.

Now that I think of really makes me sad...if only those moments could last that bit longer...sigh. I guess good things fly pass you like a light ray. Nevermind. At least I'm cheered up by my new hairstyle which I acquired today =D.

Oh well...that's all I WANT to remember. Signing off.


Let it Rain.

Wednesday, Night, Funny.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A falling knight...

Faces a behemoth of numbers and letters...

Hungry to the point where he'll gnaw on some crackers...

Alas, chicken rice once again. =.=

With Physics clearing, and Maths fogging,

I came out of school with my brain left with nothing.

It drizzled bits, while I took a sip

Off my favourite ice blend which cooled down my tip

Zell and I, we talked about gardens

And laughed til' we went into a fit. XD

Note to self , you are lovesick

And you need somebody NOW NOW NOW!!!

-This is the result of dustmites raging in my head =)-

Let it Rain.

Saturday, Night, Inspiring.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is the day, but the server isn't released yet. Oh well.

Gotta wait til the 12th, latest to enjoy.

So today, I was staying on MSN and the Evo forums alot.
I remember it was 11.54am when I first greeted someone, I forgot who. (Purposely...I know...)
'O rly?'
'Ya rly!'
Nothing much. Just some average checking the Net, and not much of chatting. I shut up for the whole day.
The afternoon Rakion was one of the most fun.
It's somehow related to my MSN nick.
I was in this Death Solo match map, which was pretty dark.
At first all I can do was to get pwned. Then for some reason I started going on a gripping spree.
I used my ice to sort of 'imprison' someone, and chucked my staff into their mouths in mid-air since W_DarKnight was so short. (A mage is short I tell you.)
Some survived, but some liked my 'deepthroat' treatment so much, they died.
R.I.P. Lol.
A little later into the game I tried a few Stages.
Can't believe I 'S'-ranked stage 4...or was it stage 5?
Then went into a Team Deathmatch.
At first, my team was losing VERY badly.

W_DarKnight took charge and commanded the whole team to 'Hold the top!!!!' since it was a Gravity map and higher grounds means a very big advantage.
Every once in a while the team lost hold of the top, but we quickly regained our positions.
Then I charged forward to find the opponent team STUCK AT THEIR BASE!
That's when I started pwning them with magic bombs.

W_DarKnight : pwnt.

It was really enriching to be in command as a mage. XD

(I forgot the blacksmith's name) : Our team boss mage still win. (That boss would be me in a boss war. Kill the opponent boss to win. Yea. I was using my newly gotten skill to nulify dmage from falling to evade attack.)

ORLY owls FTW!!! WOOHOO!!!

Let it Rain.



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